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Das boot is an online gallery/publication (vefrit), a periodical column for works on the arts. It is operated out of Dingaling Studio inc., located in lower Manhattan. Das boot  promotes and features creative individuals in all fields with a high degree of artistic and professional commitment to their work. Das boot presents internationally a new artist (or artists) on a regular basis, concentrating on the work content. The fields include painting, sculpture, architecture, fashion, design, music, literature, photography and more . . .   more about das boot

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Vefriti is an anonymous and sporadic commentator.

Below is the comprehensive das boot page. It contains the previous das boot gallery/publications (vefrit) in its entirety, w/intro on each artist by month. For current features go to  or click on the red boot on top. Scroll down to see the work, click on each artist for more info. This page has substance. ( 56k is 2:00 min )



Adalsteinn Ingolfsson


Das Boot recently had a conversation with the Icelandic art critic and curator Aðalsteinn Ingólfsson, about his career, Icelandic art, and his involvement in Museum of Design and Applied Art in Iceland.

"Personally, I´ve always had a hard time understanding precisely why public funding of art is less desirable than corporate funding. After all, governments are responsible for the physical and spiritual well-being of its citizens, companies have no such responsibilities. I don´t know why we always assume that they owe us something. A lot of creative work is also utterly uncommercial, raw, painful, shocking – whatever – but it needs to be given a chance to develop. I don´t see many private companies doing that on their own initiative. If art funding had been left largely to the private sector, we probably wouldn´t have the music of John Cage, the theatre of Artaud or the art of Beauys, to name only a few examples of “difficult” art. "


Object/action figure.

Doug Bergert from the University of Minnesota


Ordinary things contain the deepest mysteries.
 - Robin Evans, “Figures, Doors and Passages”

"Despite the thin skin and emptied contents, this object is reluctant to surrender its vacuum-formed form. A robust corporeal engagement is required for access. By probing the material and formal resistances of the bottle, the studio found opportunities to rethink the object and register verbs into its body. In most cases, “to section” was the initial move (a reasonable course for architects in pursuit of information), followed by subsequent, deformative actions. The cumulative effect is a set of things that allow new opportunities for engagement and behavior..."

[entire feature]

A fluctuation in time.

 Das Boot/
Olafur Thordarson

At the end of September the Whitney Museum in New York organized a concert where musicians Theo Bleckman and Skuli Sverrisson performed. Sverrisson operated his electronic gizmo parallel with his bass, while Bleckman performed using his vocals with miscellaneous toys and tape recordings each generating this surprisingly rich aural structure.

 Certain people were visibly bothered and left the concert early, reminding

On Stage in NYC

Theater column by Elfin Vogel.



This theatre column appears occasionally in Das Boot. It contains reviews of stage productions of all kinds, observations and the occasional rant on various theatre related topics.
"...This play, which lifts the "A," a few themes, but little else from Hawthorne, is an unpleasant, gory for the sake of goriness, overloaded thesis play which in the end fails to make much of a point, except perhaps that abortion is abominable and ultimately really infanticide, no matter what the women's movement may have said about choice all these many years.."  [On Stage]

Who´s Afraid of Robots?

by Kristinn Thorisson

"Why are people afraid of artificial intelligence? Maybe they think that if we can create an artificial human we will have proven once and for all that humans are nothing more than fancy machines. Browsing the bookstores brings forth countless examples of authors with purported “proof” that humans are oh-so-much more than “simple algorithms”. Using any half-baked argument in sight, from religion to metaphysics, why would they spend the energy trying to convince their readers of this? Clearly, they are afraid that they might turn out to be wrong. So we have to assume that this is quite possible. Should that be the case, it brings up the question how – in the future – we would tell difference between human and robotic behavior. My argument would be to say that it’s *already* hard to tell, when, after all, the majority of people behave like robots, mindlessly copying each other on almost everything: Going after the latest fashion, buying junk food with dangerous additives, upgrading their computers whenever the advertisements tell them to..."

[entire article]

 me of this friend who long time ago described Sverrisson’s music as torture. Going to a Knitting Factory concert of his a long time ago, I actually found his work as beautiful as I’d find ordinary daily listening experiences that I’d notice since my early childhood. In a way this experience is changed, artfully sliced and manipulated generated into this beautiful music.
 I was as always struck by Sverrisson’s powerful subtleties as an innate bassist. Instead of remaining in a background beat, he manages to create an electronic surrounding of sound with incredible complexity that engulfs these works in progress.

 Sverrisson has developed his music into a very identifiable and distinct structure. It travels in a seeming random yet consistent flux from one concert through another in different time, different spaces, different members interweaving into his musical strength...


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j u n e  -  s e p t e m b e r   2 0 0 2

Current Features
By using dancers as part of an abstract composition, photographer Agusto Murrillo is able to complete his visions and stories.  The use of mixed media to complete an image is not unusual for him or darkroom manipulation to extract the raw emotions of an image.  Projecting slides through his subjects, Murrillo creates the illusion of a three dimensional photograph. 
This is Murrillo’s focus, to create an interactive photograph to transcend
the viewer into his visionary world.
´Each place is of its own atmosphere, where perceptions of reality are specific to the individual experience. The photograph transfers the initial experience –  places it out of the original context, out of ones mind, and into a new whole, creating a different narrative. As within the memory where places of the past gain a fictional present. The real blending in with the distorted… .´

Hlynur Atlason

agusto murillo
 Agusto Murrillo

Christina Hale

Hulda Stefansdottir

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In New York City through September we remind you of  the River to River Festival. Free events with
cultural, arts, comedy, art and music. See:  for further information.

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ín Elvarsdóttir (8/01) will have an exhibition at Galleri Skuggi in Reykjavik,
Iceland, June 29 - July 14, 2002.  Press release

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O’Connor & Vogel:
Guy & Doll with Brian Tom O’Connor  &  Debra Vogel. Musical Director and Pianist Darryl Curry. Directed by Elfin Frederick
Mon 6/17, Mon 6/ 24, Mon 7/1, Thu 7/11 Thu 7/18, Thu 7/25, Sun 9/15 4:30, Sun 9/22 6:30, Thu 10/10 7:00, Mon 10/14 7:30, Mon 10/ 21 7:00, Sat 10/26 6:30
343 West 46th Street
7:00 PM 212-757-0788

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Cover. Essays on the political and cultural implications of before and after...
Highly recommended: After 9/11 Solutions to a saner world captures the cutting edge of the conversation that followed in various media. Authors include Barbara Kingsolver
Bill Moyers, Jim Hightower, Barbara Ehrenreich, Arianna Huffington, Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Arundhati Roy, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Tom Robbins, Naomi Klein, Mark Hertsgaard, Vice Admiral Jack Shanahan, Robert Reich.  Published by


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Material-Connexion (the world's most definitive resource for new and innovative materials and processes) presents Bayer's Fantasia product designs and prototype displays. On view at Material-Connexion, 127 West 25th Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10001. From September 4th-...

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NEST 60" x 92", oil on canvas, 2002
Painter Etugrul Ates  is exhibiting at the Belenky Gallery and Y-Image, 151 Wooster Street, Soho New York 10012. tue-Sat 10:30-5:45, Sun 12-5:45. Up from May 16 through July 16, 2002.


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John Elder Gallery presents sculptor Bruno Laverdiere, September 3-28, 2002. 529 West 20th Street, NY, NY 10011.

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xox table
Designer Josh Owen 01-00 recently launched his xox table, manufactured and sold by Bozart.




f e b r u a r y  -  m a y   2 0 0 2

das boot feature:
Eric Cobb

Eric Cobb

Architect Eric Cobb has been active since we featured him in 1998 and his house "Cobb residence". Since then, his body of work has grown to 14 built or being- built buildings. These are residences in the Seattle area, made of glass, steel and concrete. Sculptural 

structures, intricately composed via engineering, design and architectural composition. We had a brief conversation with Eric about his works. 

To Eric Cobb

das boot feature: 

Kathleen Brooks
Kathleen Brooks: Recent works.

“My work is defined by my love of color, line and contrasting textures. I am fascinated by the edges formed in a painting when various colors and materials meet. I began using the colors pink and brown as basic signifiers of my color and sex while I was studying at RISD. For health reasons I stopped using oil paint and solvents and began working with the vast world of supplies that 

To Kathleen Brooks

comprise ‘mixed media’.  I enjoy the laborious process of accumulating bits of color and materials to form a whole image. I often become completely engrossed in the detail while envisioning the total composition and am pleasantly surprised by the changes that occur in a piece as it takes on a life of its own.”

 To Kathleen Brooks
Veretta Cobbler, featured in 1999
Photography exhibition including works by Veretta Cobler will open at the 

Greeley Street Gallery in New York March 7, 6-9pm. 

A book signing for Erotic Photography will take place on 7-9pm at 28 E. 23rd Street, New York. (Veretta's works are on p. 438-443)

Scandinavia House presents: Strictly Swedish, design exhibition at 58 Park Avenue at 38th Street. Open tue-sat 12-6. January 23-April 7, 2002.  Max Protech Gallery presents A New World Trade Center. Architects solutions to the designing of the site.  511 W 22nd Street, NY NY. January 17-February 16, 2002. See Kent Hikida's commentary.

"Disappointing Visions for a New World Trade Center" Architect  
Kent Hikida
discusses the current Max Protech show  

The Knitting Factory, presents: Skuli Sverrisson and Jim Black, play on February 23rd. Check on Jim Black's web page  for other updates. 

das boot feature: aardvarchitecture
to aardvarchitecture
The work of aardvarchitecture:  Lynnette Widder and Christian Volkmann  carries the mark of its origins in the chance crossing of its authors' paths. Perspective

PAcHORA, one of the top Jazz ensembles in Manhattan plays on tour throughout Europe during late January and early February, to play at TONIC, New York City on February 22nd or 23rd. 107 Norfolk Street. Details TBA

U.S. Attorney General Ashcroft is apparently an art critic: 

Soho Loft renovation, click to see pages of aardvarchitecture

  and diagram, detail and spatial conception, structural logic and order of construction are generated, and generate, simultaneously within the design process. Memories and impressions of study, work and life in Berlin, Zurich, Lugano and New York contribute to the synthesis.

"Practice in New York is by nature modest." Their projects define and resolve a

 conceptual under-
standing commensurate to the scale of the work: a loft, a small weekend house, a public pool. Their competition work is no less practical than their realized work, which is no less conceptual than projects they have only been able to speculate on. The work is considered a tangible proposition, whether or not it is physicalized; and the intellectual content is imanent, not applied, to the issues at stake.

Piano and Guest house, click to go to aardvarchitecture web page

das boot feature: Gregory Beylerian
To Gregory Beylerian

Gregory Beylerian, applied his computer techniques on himself.

Artist Gregory Beylerian has established a body of works integrating the digital arts. Working on images with the method of a contemporary artist that utilizes cutting edge technology fused with more traditional processes. He spontaneously stirs together photographic

 images and painting with his own poetry. His commissions include large murals in theaters. These are produced as very large custom printouts using the latest advances in printing technologies. To Gregory Beylerian

World Trade Organization Protests in New York City:
 Central Labor Coucil on Thursday Jan 31, 4:30pm outside GAP on 54th and Fifth Ave. / Anti-Capitalist convergence Friday Feb 1st on Union Square 6-9pm  /  Also at FIT, TBA. /  Protest march on Saturday Feb 2nd beginning at 59th and Fifth, down Lex to 53rd.  /  W.E.F. Counter summit 9 a.m. – 10 
p.m. A weekend-long meeting at Columbia University (Lerner Hall, 115th Street and Broadway) includes workshops and addresses for students  /  Rally in Support of Haitian Workers Friday, February 1 @ 5pm - 6pm Remy Amerique, 1350 Av of the Americas and 44th St / WTO meeting is at Waldorf-Astoria Park and Lex.

e-mail us if you know of changes to this listing or any other events of note you would like to post.

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Currently at Akureyri Art Museum, Katrin Elvarsdottir: Mórar. Photography exhibition.

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Icelandic Sunna Gunnlaugs Quartet (Jazz), playing at Scandinavia House, New York, Friday April 26, 8pm.

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The exhibition Massin in Continuo: A Dictionary will open Friday April 12, 2002 at UCLA Media Arts Department.
curated by Laetitia Wolff

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Resonance in 3D, Durham Art Guild, 120 Morris Street, Durham NC, 919 560 2713, with Icelandic sculptor Kristin Gudjonsdottir along with Ursula Goebels-Ellis and Dawn Stetzel. April 4-May 12, 2002.

 Museum of Design and Applied Art introduces Olafur Thordarson: Í MYND; Design: Drawings and smaller objects. March 30-May 12, 2002 at Gardatorg, Gardabae, Iceland.

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Spessi -Landscapes, roebling hall, 390 Wythe Ave. at So. 4th St., Brooklyn tel. 718 599 5352, Icelandic Photographer Exhibition. march 16 to april 15

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Columbia University School of Architecture Presents: A World Trade Center Forum. Friday, Feb 1, 2002 from 1:30-6:30pm and Saturday, Feb 2 from 9:30-6pm. Wood Auditorium, Avery Hall.  /   Case studies in urban intervention: (All following lectures Monday, 6:30 pm, Wood): February 4th: Lisbon The earthquake of 1755 and urban recovery.  /  February 18th Chicago Fire of 1871. /  March 4th  Hiroshima  /  March 11 Rotterdam and Plymouth  // 
March 25: Berlin   /   April 1: Sarajevo, Dubrovnik, Vukovik, Belgrade.  /   April 8: Jerusalem   /   April 15: New York   /    click here for more details on these  lectures

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anyware design exhibition: Jan 19th-Feb 24th at L Art Gallery, 608 Lorimer Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211.

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Laetitia Wolff 
(das boot March 1999) 
Cooper Union, 7 E 7th Street at 3rd Ave presents: 
Massin in Continuo: A Dictionary curated by Laetitia Wolff. Massin, an expressive Typography artist. Dec 17, 2001- March 2, 2002. On Jan 28; 6:30-10pm; a dialogue between Milton Glaser and Massin followed by an opening reception at the Herb Lubalin Study Center, 2nd Floor.  /   Mind Matters The National 
Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression (NARSAD Artworks) January 18, - February 10, 2002, Great Hall Gallery.   /   The Storm, work by Architect Lebbeus Woods
January 1, 2002 - February 1, 2002. 

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John Elder Gallery
presents an exhibition with the works of Olafur Thordarson, various objects, including installation welcome with noted musician Skuli Sverrisson.  John Elder Gallery, Gallery 1, 529 West 20th Street, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10011. 212 462 2600, Tue-Sat 11-6. Exhibition Dec 15-Feb 2.

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Note from the editors:  Because of the recent events at the World Trade Center and the subsequent upheaval of our neighborhood, these pages have not been updated for a while. We were evacuated and later relocated our business. While we are getting our feet back on the ground, we are preparing our next issue for February 1st, 2002. In the meantime please review our last issues.  Peace.   November 2001.                                            Photo: © Olafur Thordarson

View from our window, about 300 yards away


--------    a u g u s t  -  o c t o b e r   2 0 0 1   --------

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Maisonpo.jpg (12872 bytes)

The works by French architect Katia Lafitte clearly connect the two worlds of sculpture and architecture. They stand on their own and do not require much verbal narrative, as they seem to radiate their own story. Each of these small scaled and powerful works convey convey a sense of imaginary location, a pote
nt poetic impact. They all share an innate sense of place and being. A vernacular that belongs to Katia Latiffe's creative mind. The architecture is conveyed through  rigorous and courageous explorations of  architectural forms, construction, verticality. These expressive objects are on one level pure yet rough and spontaneous, while the level of control is very sophisticated. 

Lafitte's results are truly inspiring and question politically the realms of architecture and 


Katrín Elvarsdóttir was born in 1964 in Ísafjördur, Iceland. Over the last decade Katrín's work has spanned a wide range of media and topics, from fashion and editorial photography to computer art and multimedia. Her work has been exhibited in Europe and the U.S.; her digitally manipulated 
Polaroid transfers can be found in the private 

sculpture, never embracing clearly the of one or the other. A welcome input into the world of architecture.

"This World 2" by Katrín Elvarsdóttir

collections of LEGO and other collectors across Europe and the U.S. Katrin has lectured on visual art and taught at  the Kolding DesignSchool, Denmark, and the International Business Academy. Her artwork has appeared in  numerous publications including Scanorama  (Sweden), IN (Denmark), Euroman (Denmark), Stuff Magazine (USA), "O" (Iceland), and DNR (USA). Katrin currently lives in New York.

4.jpg (21125 bytes)

n 1998,   Das boot started with a poem. Soon there followed an excerpt from a novel. Following this was an architects house and paintings of an internationally active painter. Das boot inadvertently evolved into a web entity that currently represents dozens of artists with a truly indiscriminate range of works. We concentrate on the quality of a cultural entity that das boot now stands for. It keeps a log on upcoming competitions and grants while quarterly announcing the featured artists. The variety and quality of work keeps intriguing us as we continue inviting individuals into das boot. Please click on the main page and explore the variety and depth of these works. 

Current feature

This August-October issue features two artists. We are currently in the process of considering artists for our November-January feature. For information or an  application form, e-mail us at:


ACE Gallery New York
: Hiro Yamagata: NGC6093 light exhibition extended through October 2001. 275 Hudson Street, New York NY 10013.

John Elder Gallery presents: Gallery 1 Arnold Zimmerman, Gallery 2 Andy Buck, Gallery 3 Cynthia Consentino. Opening
Friday, September 7th, 2001, Reception for the Artists
6 - 8pm, 529 West 20th Street, 7W, New York, NY 10011


Rhode Island School of Design: Advanced design studio. Design investigations into elevator concepts. 

Mies van der Rohe Berlin works at the Moma, through September 11, 2001

Frank Gehry
architecture exhibition runs through August 26th at The Guggenheim. Well worth the trip.

Henry Urbach Gallery: An Te Liu-Condition, John deFazio-Starbong. Sept 11-Oct 20, 2001. 526 W 26th Street, NY, NY.




--------    a p r i l - j u l y   2 0 0 1   --------

click on images for more information


Founders of Design Laboratories, architects Karen Frome and David


 Ruff, base their practice in New York City. Their work spans from theoretical investigations of culture to built projects. The firm creates spaces that reflect social conditions as well as offering multi-valent experiences. Das Boot presents here three of their projects that are of particular interest: The Urban Ivy project, The Cohen Loft and "Life Forms" studies. 
Design Laboratories in-


New York writer Philip Herter has his poetry and writings regularly published in periodicals around the United States. His works are ironic and powerful with an intelligent keen eye on our daily behaviors. His creations may take you on a tour to our normalcy, our daily boredom while he extracts from this some bizarre interpretations of our insignificant routine moments. The excitement of grass growing becomes an event in Herter's work, coupled with his head-on remarks on the futility of our lives. These poems are humorous and spiteful to the nerves of those who think they've 

tegrates advances in digital and mechanical technology into their work. Rather than express this technology formally, they are committed to the latent incorporation of technology to explore the established tenets of architecture. Their work seeks to use the most current procedures to create phenomenological experiences of materials, light and space.

Their Urban Ivy project (above)  creates a permeable façade comprised of cast cement tiles. The silicon mold for the tiles was developed to customize the profile of each tile and to accentuate the plastic q
uality ... 

In their Cohen Loft  project, the surfaces of the art collector space are treated like canvases...

Their work includes dispersion at different scales and with varying materials.

In "Life Forms", Design Laboratories re-contextualize the cataloguing and collection process into a form of building. They seek to create a new methodology for construction and conceiving form. This data varies from the pictorial to the written; the political to the aesthetic.

figured out the path in their life. 

Herter presented us with a this portion of his exciting works entitled "Seven Lucky Poems", below being a portion from "Ann Arbor".


     Every moment of every day greeny plants inch

across the sidewalk.

      Ferns and flowers jam

      the wheels and snap the spokes

      of the wheels

      A revolving time and temperature

spins the necks of the music students

      to the strains of "The Godfather"

Philip Herter


Montreal based painter Marie-Louise Broggi has for a number of years worked on a comprehensive series of digital paintings generated on the computer. Her work is intuitive, devising multiple layering, collapses of scales, barely

discernible messages to figures expressing emotional states sometimes left for the observer to interpret.  Although Broggi's work 

is varied and diverse in nature, there is a consistency that binds her works together into a whole. These works take time to decipher and as such they are expressive on multiple levels. It is as they are improvised during different time segments in the process of their creation. Her accurate and bold strokes embody the variety of new tools available to  makers of computer imagery while her works stand as a force to be reckoned with. 


Venezuelan lighting designer Alejo Ruocco is currently working out of New York City. His designs explore the use 

of readily available materials composed into simple and playful objects. His work has been seen around New York and at The International Biennial Design Festival in France last year. Ruocco's materials are composed around a simple idea and always remain with a strong sense of clarity of reading. We will take a look at Ruocco's recent objects and


Exhibition at the John Elder Gallery: David Hess Sculptor and Tetsuya Yamada. March 8 thru April 21st. 529 West 20 Street, NYC.



Origamic Architecture at The American Craft Museum, 5/18-9/2 2001, 40 West 53rd Street, New York, NY. Works by 145 international artists.

The International Contemporary Furniture Fair will be held May 19th-May 22, 2001. at the Jacob Javits Center, NYC.

Parsons School of Design will have its Annual Senior Thesis Exhibition for The Interior Design Department. April 11-20, 2001. 2 West 13th Street, NYC.

Scandinavia House: Faces and Figures, Contemporary photography in Scandinavia April 20-July 29, 2001. Opening April 18, 6-8 (invite). Scandinavia House, 58 Park Avenue (at 38th Street), NYC.

The Art Directors Club will open its Young Guns III exhibition. Opens Thursday April 5-May 10,  2001. 106 West 29th Street, NYC.

Benoit Mandelbrot (Fractal Geometry)  lecture Friday, April 6 at 7:00 at the Cooper Union, NYC.

Scry Agency by Constance De Jong, Tony Conrad, April 5+6, 8:00, Thread Waxing Space, 476 Broadway 2nd Floor, NYC.

Henry Urbach Architecture presents: PULSE. Reception Thursday May 17th 6-8pm. May 15-June 29

This April-June by das boot features a diverse group of artists. We are still in the process of considering artists for our July- September feature. For information or an  application form, e-mail us.






d e c e m b e r     2 0 0 0



DAS BOOT recently met with Ali Soltani and Francine Leclercq, in their Murray Hill studio in New York. They are New York architects and designers whose works have been exhibited and published in The United States and in Europe. The bulk of their work remains in the fields of architecture, furniture design and painting. Their architecture is of particular interest for our das boot feature and we take a look at some of their recent architectural works.





The Last House


o c t o b e r - n o v e m b e r    2 0 0 0



Mr. Badessi is a French photographer exploring the relationships between the human body, nature and light. His models set against striking backgrounds of natural geological formations bring out a feeling of the human as somewhat alien yet part of these surroundings. These works all have in common a desire to establish a connection with the dissimilar elements. The results are at a level of discovering creation. 







Montreal; Mount Royal, Genesis of a City
The architectural and technological installation by the group AVEC bridged the gap between past and future, mountain and Montreal city, and between the city and its residents and visitors. 



Henry Urbach Gallery (HUA) presents Synesthesia and Ezra Stoller photographs. Oct 12-Nov 4, 2000.  Public Art Fund presents Tony Oursler installation of video audio and sculpture. Wed Oct 25th at the Great Hall in Cooper Union, @3rd Avenue and 7th Street Futureflair presents various designers at StEtienne Biennale France, oct 7-15. Works include Ali Soltani+Francine Leclercq and Olafur Thordarson Moss introduces COBAN RS05 espresso maker by Richard Sapper,  October 14 12:00-14:00 at Moss Gallery, 146 Greene Street.


a u g u s t   -  s e p t e m b e r     2 0 0 0



This unique design studio was taught at the Industrial Design department at the Rhode Island School of Design. It was an investigation into possibilities inherent in this object most often taken for granted in our daily routines. With 12 students, the studio explored existing doors, experimented with what environmental phenomena could equate a door as a passage, a threshold, a closure that defines an operable boundary. The studio scrutinized placements, mechanics, potential material uses, and how a door could be something one would not expect. Taught in fall 1999 by Olafur Thordarson and Karen Frome. 



vefriti 8

Spatial Mediations: Collaboration of Claudia Hill, Asymptote Architecture and Skuli Sverrisson. 542 W 21 St, NYC. Sept 16, 9pm John Elder Gallery presents Claque, Wunderlich and Knoblauch, metal, glass, ceramic works. September 8 - October 21, 2000.
529 West 20th Street, 7W, New York, NY 10011, 212-462-2600
On Tuesday, September 19, 6:30 PM, The Museum of Modern Art presents a panel discussion with Robert Luchetti, Bruce Mau, Aura Oslapas and John Thackara. For the upcoming exhibition "Workspheres, Designing the Workplace of  Tomorrow" (Feb  8 - May 8, 2001).
11 W 53 Street, Titus 2 Theater 


Henry Urbach Architecture presents: From Outside/From Inside and Entropia, Sept 12-Oct 7. 526W 26 St 10Fl

vefriti 10

Vilma Mare, fashion show in the Sony Style Store, 550 Madison Avenue and 56 Street 7PM. Thursday Sept 14 at 11:55pm  RSVP  

vefriti 9



j u n e - j u l y    2 0 0 0



Italian architects Elena Carlini and Pietro Valle have worked both in the United States and Italy. They have curated numerous exhibits on artists and architects from around the world. Das boot here showcases some of their diverse works, which ranges from buildings to exhibit designs on both continents.



Glass works from various Canadian artists. Opening on Friday June 2nd, through July 1st 2000. John Elder Gallery, 529 West 20th Street, 7W, New York, NY 10011, 212-462-2600


vefriti 7

Painter Francine Leclercq (Boot 1999) has had her work accepted for inclusion in Philadelphia's Allentown Art Museum's 27th juried show and the museum's collection. The show, juried by Judith Tannenbaum, will run from July 15 (opening reception) to early September. Press release; Mount Royal, Montreal: Genesis of a City. An architectural and technological installation by Avec. SOFA, Artists and artisans presented by various galleries from around the world. New York --Park Avenue Armory, located at Park Avenue and 67th Street June1st – 4th


m a y     2 0 0 0



French photographer Antoine Verglas was born in Paris in 1962 and moved to New York in 1990. He is in high demand in the fashion world as his unique style has propelled his creations onto the covers of numerous magazines like Maxim and GQ. He has captured models like Claudia Shiffer and Cindy Crawford. Verglas keeps ahead of his competition with a clear definition and a quality unique only to his eye. Das Boot here features a small selection of his photographs and a portion of his magazine covers.


Recommended new music :
Pachora: , including Skuli Sverrisson (das boot July 1999), Skuli Sverrisson solo on June 1st at the Tonic NYC
Director Elfin Vogel's play DEWPOINT, opens this May 11th at The Hudson Guild Theater on 26th Street in Manhattan. 
Culture & Commerce and Material Connexion present Marcel Wanders and Stefan Lindfors 5/24-8/31 2000 at Material Connexion, 4 Columbus Circle, 4th floor, NY NY. Murray Moss, Moss Gallery presents White Gold, Porzellan-Manufaktur Nymphenberg. Opening monday May 22nd, 6:30-8:30 at Moss 146 Greene Street, New York, NY  Process/Product, exhibition by Program. Opening May 19th 7-10 at Taba Gallery, 116 West Houston Street, New York, NY Tucker Robbins invites you to Ginanneschi photographs. Opening Thursday May 25, 6:30-9:00. Tucker Robbins 366 West 15th Street 5th Floor New York, NY.


a p r i l     2 0 0 0



Das boot has the pleasure of presenting you  these beautiful works of Hervé Nahon, who is a French artist living and working in Marseille. His works have been shown internationally in France, England, Germany and Iceland. His art work includes installations, video, photography and sculpture. See here a few of his ephemeral sculptures, created with melting wax, melting ice, dissolving salt and electric lights.



Ephemeral Sculpture


Writer Einar Orn Gunnarsson (das boot oct 1998) has just been selected as an Iceland representative to travel the UNESCO sponsored  LITERATURE EXPRESS EUROPE 2000 train. In this train voyage, using their own language, writers explore Europe from Lissabon thru Moscow   during the summer of 2000. Must see:  
Director Elfin Vogel's play DEWPOINT, to open on May 11th at The Hudson Guild Theater on 26th Street in Manhattan. 
Halla Gunnarsdottir, Works from Mexico and Italy, Rec Saturday April 1st 7:30 at SMF 126 st Marks Place, New York City. John Elder Gallery presents April 6th-May 26, 2000:Stephen Whittlesey, Mitch Ryerson, Hoss Haley, Christina Shmigel, Tom Joyce, David Secrest. 529 West 20th Street, 7 Floor, New York City (212) 462-2600



m a r c h     2 0 0 0



New York artist Harvey Tulcensky was presented to das boot by free lance writer Laetitia Wolff (das boot 1999). Tulcensky's photography is on one hand careful while on the other highly spontaneous. His images seem to capture space and motion through observation. He has a strong sensibility for how light affects one's perception of place. Many of his images are extremely stoic in nature. Some have such minimal lighting, they're barely legible. Other images express motion and high tension while always refering to particular and very real places. His way of capturing images of "subjects" show his creative sensuality.

Text entitled "In the still of the night", by Laetitia Wolff.



zairplane.jpg (33544 bytes)

Runway #1, Fort Lauderdale, 1978

In the still of the night

Streaks of light - preferably cold artificial light - segment the space in distinct, abstract volumes, accentuating the very architectural nature of his vision...   Laetitia Wolff



V e f r i t i  6



f e b r u a r y     2 0 0 0



New York Director Elfin Friedrich Vogel  was born in Wuppertal, Germany. After high school he left his native country to study violin and classical guitar in Switzerland, interrupting his life there with extended stays in Italy and France. In 1978 he moved to New York, where his focus shifted from music to theatre.

Elfin Vogel has given equal focus in his stage projects to new plays and important plays of the 20th Century as to the classics.

Elfin's next project is DEWPOINT, a new play by Vincent Sessa, and his third collaboration with this playwright. Elfin Frederick Vogel's productions have been reviewed in publications such as the Village Voice and the New York Post, he has also been featured in various radio programs such as WBRK and WAMC




"Each decade we rediscover ourselves in Shakespeare's plays. Ten years ago, Iago was a video-camera sporting, voyeuristic psychopath, Othello an abusive husband, who's insulted machismo left him no choice but murder. Would I direct OTHELLO this way today? I cannot say, except that to direct the same Shakespearean play more than once as I have done with OTHELLO and with A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM is the greatest challenge and most intensive road to discovery imaginable."



j a n u a r y    2 0 0 0



Josh Owen was born in the United States in 1970. The son of an archaeologist, he spent the summers of his youth on excavations in Israel. He holds a BFA in Sculpture and a BA in Visual Studies from Cornell University and an MFA in Furniture Design from the Rhode Island School of Design. He has studied at Tel Aviv University and in Rome. Owen has been the recipient of several design awards and has shown his furniture and lighting designs at the Paris Furniture Fair, the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York City and the Material Connexion, also in New York City. He currently teaches product design at Philadelphia University and is the principal of owenlogikdesign, an industrial design studio located in Philadelphia, PA. Some of his innovative furniture and lighting designs are available through Minima and soon through Umbra.

biomorph lamp, aluminum and polypropylene hose, 1997


Owen's works change our expectations as we come into contact with them ; He reconfigures our reading of the given, he restructures our perception, he brings in a bit of Midas into industrial design.

Thorri Hringsson´s works are featured in the Millennium exhibit at Listasafn Islands National Gallery of Iceland in Reykjavik. Thru January 14th, 2000. v e f r i t i V Soho20 Gallery presents a group show entitled "Gifts for the 21st Century". This will include a number of artists, such as Ali Soltani, Francine Leclercq, Donna Fumoso, Olafur Thordarson and more. The exhibit will be from Jan. 4th thru January 29, 2000. Opening will be on January 8th 2000 between 5-8, at the Soho20 Gallery 545 Broadway, 3Floor. Orn Orrason highly recommends the Icelandic band Sigur Ros  CD Svefn-g-englar (transl. sleepwalkers or sleep angels). Very slow dream like rhythms, excellent instrumentals and vocals. Great writing. Surely puts you in a trance with dense musical space. Celebrating its 10 year anniversary and 100 artists, an exhibition entitled "Aldamót"is at Gallery Saevar Karl, Bankastræti lower level, Reykjavik, Iceland. Thru January 15th, 2000.


d e c e m b e r    1 9 9 9



Icelandic painter Thorri Hringsson [Þorri Hringsson] has had a very active painting career in Iceland. He studied at the Jan Van Eyck Akademie in Holland, after which he has set up numerous solo gallery exhibits, as well as participated in many group shows.  He is presently the head of the painting department of The Reykjavik School of Art. His works are part of various international, public and private collections.


A culinary magazine commentator and a provocative painter, Thorri Hringsson paints his most passionate of subjects; the art of cooking, wine tasting and food presentation. Using The American Housewife's Cookbook from the 50's as a guide, his topic is expressed in paintings through glossy saturated colors .....




Born in Reykjavik, Iceland, artist/illustrator Bodvar Leos graduated from the Icelandic School of Arts and Crafts in Reykjavik. After which, he worked for advertising and graphic design agencies in Iceland and eventually he opened his own studio in Reykjavik. He takes on commissioned drawings, comics and artwork for clients around Reykjavik city. His 15 years of work has produced a volume of drawings and artwork, some of it familiar to all Icelanders. His works have been featured in numerous publications including the main Reykjavik newspapers.


The Table, pencil on paper, 1996

Bodvar Leos has an unusal talent in drawing, where he concocts bizarre scenarios and observations. A longtime political commentator for the leftist Vikubladid magazine, he used his talent to poke fun of the ills he found throughout Icelandic political arena. Here is a mixed bag of his works ranging from paintings to drawings.



n o v e m b e r    1 9 9 9



Born in Kansas, photographer Veretta Cobler moved to New York City to pursue her art and now heads V-Group photographers.

Veretta shows a wide interest in the many aspects and inter-relationships of art forms and expressions as it relates to photography: fine arts, portraiture, still life, nature, entertainment and theater, fashion, music, spirituality and traditional indigenous culture. Her photographic work has remained essentially spontaneous and intuitive. She continues to design her studio sets while at the same time working and experimenting in new fields like digital photography and creative photographic collages.

For the last ten years, she has been currently undertaking a major work on documenting rituals and ways of American Indians in Arizona and New Mexico.







Erotic Disco. During the late 1970's, photographer Veretta Cobler photographed night scenes in Studio 54. These photographs are previously unreleased and provide an insight into the bizarre lifestyles of the times.



o c t o b e r    1 9 9 9



Designer/sculptor David Provan, with his wife Ann, established PROVAN, a New York-based design firm. PROVAN’s approach to design exploits the tensile strength of steel resulting in a collection of spare, highly-refined furniture of striking lightness and grace. Since its first appearance in 1995 their innovative work has been featured on television and in numerous publications on four continents.

His furniture and sculpture have been seen in galleries and museums such as Grace Borgenicht Gallery (New York), Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art (Korea), Mindy Oh Gallery (Chicago), Wenger Gallery (Los Angeles), and Fiterman Fine Arts (Minneapolis).


Provan completed Yab-Yum in 1995. This is a public art commission for the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority. The work, located in the Herald Square Subway Complex at 34th Street, consists of fourteen wind-activated sculptures that tilt and spin in the breezes generated by passing subway trains. With an overall length of 200’ it’s one of the largest public art projects in New York City.



Celebrate NY Design ! Exhibition. Chelsea Market : 75  9th Avenue, New York City. 11-6 on Saturday October 9th, 1999. Event sponsored by the Municipal Art Society of New York. Included will be escargot clock by Olafur Thordarson. watershed   -bathroom inspired products by elseware at Vision Gallery, 235 Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn NY. Opening Sat Oct 9, 6-10. Oliver Beckert, Perry Dixon, Daniel Harper, Joel Hoag and Janet Villano

Laurie Anderson "Songs and Stories from Moby Dick" at the Brooklyn Academy of Music BAM, New York City.  (Featured show for opening of the BAM Next Wave Festival). Opera House  Oct 5, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16. Skuli Sverrisson (das boot July 1999) plays   with Laurie Anderson and will tour with her to the west coast and Europe.

Olafur Thordarson, Soapbox presentation talk at the Celebrate NY Design! event, organized by The Municipal Arts Society/Paola Antonelli and Jennifer Keller.  Part of a talk by 39 top New York Designers.


s e p t e m b e r    1 9 9 9



Four architecture projects

The works of SHoP/Sharples Holden Pasquarelli, consist of various contrasting architectural projects that explore site-generated concepts. This means wrappings, translucencies, structural sculpture, passage and other architectural brainers. Space-time and bent reality is present throughout their works, whether their projects contain god himself or sex as we'd want it. The facade of the Museum of Sex is as distorted as a sophisticated musicians improvization, while the structure of The Church of Greater New York is strung through holy space like a materialized violin concerto.

Das Boot shows here four of their current works, the Museum of Sex, Mitchell Park (Greenport), The New Church of Greater New York, and V-Mall. Each of these projects are presently in construction or design development phase.


once there was  M O M A , now there's :

M   O   S   E   X

Museum of Sex, New York City


v e f r i t i  I V John Elder Gallery presents Buck. Brady + Shrewsbury Sept 7-Oct 16. Opening reception Thursday September 9, 6-8pm. 529 W 20 St, 7th Fl.  NYC. 462-2600 Soho20 Gallery presents: FRANCINE LECLERCQ "OpeninG" paintings, Sept 7 - Oct 2, 1999  (Das boot Mar 1999). Reception Friday September 10,  5-8pm : 545 Broadway, 3rd Floor. The Elephant Man, 20th Anniversary Production at The St Clements Theater. Original Music by Darryl Curry (das boot aug 99). Show Sept 2-25 423 W 46 Street 330-7911 Skuli Sverrisson (Das boot July 1999) will perform at 9:00pm at Electronica Festival Day 1, Wednesday Sept 8th, 1999. Tonic, 107 Norfolk (at Rivington Street).   Tel 212-358-7501 ($10)


a u g u s t   1 9 9 9



Annika Berglöf recently completed her shows at the RVS Gallery in Southampton, New York and The Bergman Gallery in Stockholm, Sweden. Since her graduation at the New York Studio School, she has been active with her work and been featured in various magazines, including the Manhattan Magazine in New York. Das Boot here shows nine of her large  paintings.


Process. 1998. Acrylics, 125,5 x 105 cm. 

> Annika Berglöf paintings <




Darryl Curry is a New York composer and playwright. He had his works commissioned by various playhouses in New York City. Mr. Curry was a playwright at The Third Step Theater Company in New York where he received critical claim for his Elephant Piece and Quitters. 

Mr. Curry recently wrote the score for Pomerance Elephant Man (not to be confused with his Elephant Piece) on stage Sept 2-25 in New York City.

Das boot features here a couple of his written-compositions. The first is a portion of The Elephant Piece, the other Time's Here (An other Species Monologue).



The Elephant Piece



Time's Here
An other Species Monologue

Wait, wait, and wait. Sometimes I think He does it to me deliberately. As if He feels it getting closer to the time and He says to Himself "Let's see what you're made of, Tonka. Let's see how long you can take it, Tonka" and suddenly he becomes "The Block Of Stone", "The Starer in Space", "The Tormentor Of Tonka". As if all my loyalty and devotion and cuteness mean nothing.


V e f r i t i  I I I Francine Leclercq (Das boot Mar 1999) has just received an award of excellence for outstanding achievement from Manhattan Arts International Magazine Skuli Sverrisson (Das boot July 1999) will perform at Tonic, September 8, 1999


j u l y   1 9 9 9



Swedish sculptor and welder Bo Jacobsson has a Midas touch for the high profile designers. This is the man who actually built the sinks at the Paramount Hotel and materialized the visions of numerous architects and designers. Here is a sample of his portfolio, including his own sculptural works.


Metal frame bed, original design by Bo Jacobsson, 1994

> Bo Jacobsson <




New York rug designer Melisca Klisanin is mainly known for her woven rugs. She claims her work is "in constant change", as her materials reach from the old hand crafted world to materials of our industrial age. She has been featured in various publications and exhibits. Das Boot here shows some of her rug designs.


> Rugs by Melisca Klisanin <




Icelandic musician Skuli Sverrisson is known for the work he creates on his electric bass. Sverrisson always concentrated on extracting sounds that explore various peripheral techniques. His solo performances are very powerful and sedative compositions. It is the kind of work that one would not normally expect to hear from a bass player, subliminal and often void of rhythm.

Sverrisson plays around the world, and mainly in New York City. The numerous musicians he plays with all share the same thirst for creative work and are an integral part of his work.



Moby Dick : Sverrisson in performance with Laurie Anderson, on tour 1999


Museum of Modern Art New York   Summergarden Festival at MOMA : Sonia Jacobsen's "The Butcherbird"  Friday July 30th and Saturday 31st at 8.30pm.  (Laetitia Wolff : The Music of Sonia Jacobsen - featured in Das Boot 3/99) Michael Graves (das boot, 2/99)  New York Times Write-up


j u n e   1 9 9 9



Architect  Ali Soltani (Das Boot Sept 1998) wrote an essay for das boot, with his thoughts on a subject dear to many an architect and interior decorator.



excerpt :  In construction amongst the builders, vanilla is a loan word, it is generally referred to gypsum wall board paint and plastic laminate, quick, easy and cheap, "a vanilla". Show them a Ryman painting and they'd say: what is this its just white its a vanilla, a child could do it ... . The irony of it though is that indeed, a child could.....


John Elder Gallery exhibits NEW TALENT II : clay works, furniture and glass works of Steven Parker, Marylena Corrado and Elisabeth Lyons,

June 5 thru August 6. 529 West 20th Street. Tel 462-2600

Henry Urbach Architecture presents a group exhibit. The works of architects An Te Liu, Diller+Scofidio, John DeFazio, E.V. Day, Katherina Bosse, Joel Sanders, Jurgen Mayer Hermann, Type 4.

June 3 thru July 16th. 526 West 26th Street. Tel 627-0974

Klisanin Ross Gallery presents:

Olafur Thordarson / furniture-art / 1989-1999

Sound installation : Music For Furniture by Skuli Sverrisson. Exhibit poster design by Hjalti Karlsson

June 18th-July 13th.   26  2nd ave. Opening reception June 18th, b. 6-9pm.


m a y  1 9 9 9



Sunil Bald and Yolande Daniels are partners in studioSUMO. Their architectural work is generally of an investigative nature. They have had their work exhibited in Japan as well as in various New York galleries. Dasboot shows here one of their many projects which they entitle "Wall-Eye".

Their New York  Wall-Eye project was a time based installation. It took place during a one month time period in 1997, in a public plaza across from the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan.



> Wall-Eye <



Image designer Angelina Jolin has worked with the top people in the fashion industry. She is a multi-talented stylist, art director, production coordinator and writer for various fashion magazines. She is well known and respected in her field.

Angelina has been working on her craft for more than ten years and now has her own production company. Before this she was modeling in Paris, Italy, New York and Sweden -which is her home town. She lives in New York but travels extensively for her work.

Das boot asked her for some of the more diverse work she had created in collaboration with well known photographers and models. Enclosed are thirteen images from her extensive portfolio.




Photographer: Dan Bengtsson

< Angelina Jolin <


V E F R I T I   I I


May 7 through June 11   Furniture exhibit at the Klisanin Ross Gallery on 2nd Avenue and 2nd Street, New York City. See the design work of  Michael Graves Digs, Melisca Klisanin, Christopher Ross and Olafur Thordarson.  Reception is on Sunday May 16th, b. 6-9

New Museum of Contemporary Art / Readymade exhibit

583 Broadway, May 11-May18, Exhibit "window" showing works of various designers, including : Michael Graves Digs, Olafur Thordarson, Melisca Klisanin, Christopher Ross, Michael Whitney and Stephen Burks

Stillusteypa, the Icelandic hi-tech band / Desist / + Special guest will play at the Cooler on 14th Street in Manhattan, Saturday May 8th at 10pm. Playing with Desist will be the experimental bass player Skuli Sverrisson.


Olafur Thordarson

at the ICFF

Icelandic writer Einar Örn Gunnarsson (das boot oct 98) wrote a play called Krakuhollin [crow's palace]. It is now showing at Lindarbær, Reykjavik. The play has received rave newspaper reviews and is a big success. It will be playing April 29 thru May 22.  "This work, being strangely detached from time and environment and possibly a remarkable paradox, is such that I assert that it be among the better Icelandic plays written during recent years . . ." review


a p r i l  1 9 9 9



Icelandic architect Guðmundur Gunnarsson, born Reykjavik, works out of his architectural practice in downtown Reykjavik. Aside from his built projects in Iceland and Greenland, he has been active with research on Icelandic architecture. Among other things, he has published his own essays on Icelandic architectural history up to the present and co-produced the first architectural tour guide publications for Reykjavik, published in 3 languages. He was invited by das boot to submit writings on Icelandic architecture.

Gunnarsson has been an active member in the Icelandic Architecture Association, where he currently serves as the president.



< The Icelandic Turf House >



Korean-American painter Judy Choi has always painted with passion alongside her architecture career. She worked as an architect in California and New York. In California, she combined her two arts by specializing in trompl'oeil painting. Since then, her paintings have mostly expressed her experiential sensibilities. Presently, Judy Choi is undertaking a larger painted project, a mosaic of portraits.  Das boot chose to introduce some of her work that shows her keenest sense of observation.



< Judy Choi paintings >


v e f r i t i   I I



m a r c h   1 9 9 9



French artist Francine Leclercq has in the last few years concentrated her work on paintings like no other painter. Avoiding realms of representation, she manipulates the materials;  paint, canvas and frames through processes of peeling, layering, molding, casting, dripping and weaving. The results are a series of paintings that border craft and mechanics. They portray a thorough understanding of painting as medium while the end is always in progress.
Leclercq is presently sponsored by the Soho20 Gallery in New York and her upcoming exhibit there in SEPTEMBER will include many of these incredible works.


A6  Kiss, 20 x 20 cm, 1998

Leclercq Paintings >



French freelance writer and exhibit coordinator Laetitia Wolff was invited by Das Boot to write an article of her subject choice. As a freelance writer she has taken on work writing for various magazines on design and architecture, such as Italian design magazine Abitare, French Magazines Intramuros and [dizajn], as well as a cover article for Columbia University's architecture publication Newsline. Recently she has organized the Young Guns II NYC Exhibition for the Art Directors Club in New York City, where she is the editor of the Annual.


The Music
Sonia Jacobsen


....sometimes the melodic phrase collapses soon after and drifts away in evanescent quotes of jazz standards, tango reminiscences or Eastern European languid moods. Emerging from silence, the melodic phrase discloses itself to disquieting accords, to aquatic harmonies in dangerous imbalance, fading away in sliding descents or exploding into a brief strident cacophony...

>   "The Music of Sonia Jacobsen"   <

text and sample sounds


f e b r u a r y  1 9 9 9



Icelandic painter Ásgeir Smári Einarsson established himself on the forefront of the Icelandic arts scene during the 1980´s. His Reykjavik solo exhibits attract much deserved attention and at this point he has opened up his private gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark : Gallery Copen.

He is best known for his paintings of urban situations, a tough and somewhat underexplored subject. His way of dealing with the Reykjavik midsummer light is a strong element in his work, where buildings portray an alive, oddly proportioned and foggy environment.




< Ásgeir Smári paintings  >




Furniture designer and architect Michael Havely Graves is partner in Brown/Graves, inc., furniture design/manufacturing company based in New York City.  Their best known piece is the Perch Kitchen/Barstool, now widely published along with their other collaborative work.

Michael Havely Graves is designing furniture on his own and will be present with a great new line of designs at the New York International Contemporary Furniture Fair this spring. Be on the look in the near future for this strong furniture designer, who has a strong insight into the making of objects and knows how to give them boldness and character.


Perch Kitchen/Barstool, Brown/Graves, 1997


< click here for Michael Graves furniture >

  This February starts a commentary by anonymus contributors to das boot. The commentary is scheduled as the wind blows and appears under das boot pseudonym




j a n u a r y  1 9 9 9



New York City fashion designer Rose Marie Woulfe has years of experience and tons of great clothing designs. The nature of her incredible work encompasses higher-style that is ultra feminine, to a most refined outrageous. Rose Marie Woulfe provided das boot with some of her sketches, and a private collection that demonstrates her sense of elegance, to a region within the bizarre.

Grace Jones has worn her clothes, what else do you need to say.... Other clients  include Kirstie Alley, Andie McDowell, Kathie Lee Gifford and Maureen O'Boyle. She has provided clothing for stars on MTV, the Phil Donahue Show, Oprah and Melrose Place shows and much more.


Persian cat "woody" in drag


< click here for Rose Marie Woulfe fashion design <



Poet Andrea Lockett  is currently putting together a collection of her work. We discovered her brilliant wit at a poetry reading in Tribeca, New York, where with great passion she read her ironic, political and often erotic poetry.


Caribbean Love Song

If I bite you like a Mango,
If I pop you like a grape,
If I suck you like a soursop,
You'll know I'm on the make.

If I zest your yellow lemon,
If I shake your breadfruit tree,
If I split you like a coconut,
What will you think of me?

If I slurp you like persimmon,
If I munch you like a pear,
If I pry at your papaya,
Perhaps you'll know I care.



If I section your star ruby,
If I tongue your tangerine,
If I prod your promegranate,
We are gonna cause a scene.

If I peel your ripe banana,
If I squeeze your orange juice,
If I guadamize your guava,
Beware love is on the loose!


click here for more

Andrea Lockett  P O E M S

Because of a high volume of talents, we decided as of January to feature more than one person per month

Recommended Architecture reading: Architecture Theory since 1968 by K. Michael Hays. Excellent compilation of the most influential architecture writings between 1968 and 1993. (cba)


d e c e m b e r  1 9 9 8



Turkish painter Ertugrul Ates has exhibited his paintings throughout the world, mainly in the United States and Turkey. His work has been widely published, including several books written on his art.

His exploding of the flat canvas and fragmentation of the subject matter results in other worlds which are left to interpretation. Ates works with a clear sense of scale and spatility that through representation pushes the bounds of  compositional structure. Blurred perceptual views reflect his Turkish background while his personal aesthetic sensibility is soft and clear.

WOUNDED HERCULES, 127 x 127 cm, 1992

<   Click here for Ertugrul Ates paintings   >

Listing of exhibits

Recommended concert in New York City : Icelandic Bass player Skuli Sverrisson will play at the Knitting Factory on January 1st and 2nd. Also he will play in the Cooler (14th Street) on January 4th

Because of some great feedback, we have added a readers comments page. Please write what you think of das boot content.

Update: Einar Örn Gunnarsson´s
book was published as planned, and is being translated into english. We´ll
keep you posted on reviews.


n o v e m b e r  1 9 9 8



Architect Eric J. Cobb recently completed an extraordinary house in Seattle Washington. It is a tour de force of material use, detailing and extremely fluid spatial qualities. The program called for a modest and informal residence for the architect's parents.

He works out of his own architectural practice in Seattle. Prior to this, he was for 5 years a project architect at Smith Miller + Hawkinson architects in New York City and graduated with his Master of Architecture degree from Columbia University in 1990.

All photos by Mr. Paul Warchol, except #8 by Eric Cobb.

This house has also been published in: THE NEW AMERICAN HOUSE 2, Oscar Riera Ojeda, Whitney Library of Design 1997 and NEW AMERICAN HOUSES, Matteo Vercelloni, Edizioni L'archivolto 1997


COBB RESIDENCE,  Seattle, Washington. Completed 1996

>   Click here for the Cobb residence    <

"....As a building, the structure is an abstract assembly of few carefully selected materials. Wood, glass, steel and wallboard are joined and positioned according to specific use, necessity and composition. Material and detail string the spaces...."



o c t o b e r   1 9 9 8



October has an excerpt from Mr. Gunnarsson's  latest novel, Tear Of The Bird Of Paradise, slated for publication this very same month, in Reykjavik Iceland. The book has already been translated into German and will be translated into English in the coming months.  Mr. Gunnarsson's books always manage to receive controversial reactions as his uncanny writings manage to stir up a certain portion of his readers. In his new book, Mr. Gunnarsson has molded a psychotic personality, and writes the novel from inside this delusional mind. The character Mr. Gunnarsson  creates is hilarious while at the same time it is a tragic one. It reflects Gunnarsson's deep sense for psychological confusion and how the frailty of the human mind is so easily corrupted with an individuals unfortunate circumstance.


The publisher is Ormstunga in Seltjarnarnes, Iceland, with a full English translation forthcoming.



Tár Paradísarfuglsins, novel
. . . and the bird of paradise wept
Published in Iceland 1998

     Excerpt from chapter 12 :

     I boiled the water, made the coffee extra strong and was reminded of when you invited Anna and Thomas over for supper. That’s when I pretended to be sick, walked around in my pajamas and spoke in an unusually soft voice so that everyone would notice my apparent lack of energy. I was able to invoke perfect sympathy from all present, when I said I felt to dizzy and could not stay up any longer. As soon as I got into my bedroom I hurried into my clothes and sneaked out of the house. I walked in the soft snow to the illuminated house of Anna and Thomas. Certain of nobody being at home, I broke my way in through the back window.
    I always thought this house was disgusting. The pink bathroom rugs, the wallpaper, the crystal vases, the gold leaf rococo furniture, not to mention the oil paintings always happily painted in some nice weather. In here was the Mecca of bad taste, the most expensive loss of taste in all of Iceland. Nobody has a right to make his home in this manner.
    I walked with confidence through the house, as I knew you were just beginning your appetizers, babbling in your empty ways about some shopping trip to Scotland.
    Smashing every single vase, one after the other, I cut the decorative pillows into thousands of pieces, kicked the arms of the rococo sofas and sliced the oil paintings with your sharp knives.
    After I had gone berserk in the apartment and destroyed their furnishings, I t
hrew my self onto the bed of their sweet daughter, who was now studying literature in Spain. She was about as beautiful as a woman can be, the way she hides truth with her cunning nature. All women are hookers except for you, mother. With my pants at my heels I remained clutched in her arms until I ejaculated into a pink floral silk pillow.
    This secret adventure with the student I had in the back of my mind enriched life so that on the walk home, I got an erection.
    When I sneaked in the door I heard your cheerful voices from the upper floor. I got undressed, went under the covers and tried to stay warm. Later, I put my Pajamas back on, walked up into the living room and told you I had been sleeping. I asked for an aspirin for my pounding headache.
    Deep inside I was proud of what I had done. There they all sat, unaware of the things I had done and I knew it would never enter their minds that I was the one. When I said goodbye to those two, I felt I had committed a bit of a perfect crime.


> chapter 6 EXCERPT <



s e p t e m b e r   1 9 9 8




Ali Adib Soltani was born in Tehran Iran. He is a New York based Architect, who with partner Francine Leclerq has worked on numerous architectural  projects. Most have been within New York City, but others  in Europe and Asia. Prior to his partnership with Leclercq, he was a collaborator with Livio Dimitru and Gaetano Pesce, and studied Architecture at Pratt Institute in New York.

The following piece is one of numerous written compositions and poems by Mr. Soltani.




IN                         THE
A R  I  T  H  M  E  T I C
INTERLACE             OF
L   E    T    T   E   R   S
GOVERNED             BY
MUTENESS             OF
VOWELS,      W    O   R
D    S       HAVE       AS
THEIR      TASK      TO
VISIBLE,                  AN
OBJECT                   OF
THEORIA                 OR
SPECTACLE                 ,
THEY        CAN         BE
AS                 BUILDING
UNITS                      OF
LANGUAGE;              AS
ARE                        THE
O                                F
AND     AS     IS      THE
TASK                        OF
TO                DESCRIBE
OF      A      SITE       IN
ITS              UNFOLDED
MOMENT                  OF
HORIZON.                 AS
THE              THOUGHT
S    P    A    R     S    E  ,
REQUIRES              THE
LANGUAGE,           THE
ORDERING               OF
R   E   Q   U   I   R   E   S
HE                MATERIAL
E   L  E   M   E   N  T   S
ORDERED      SO      BY
THE       DANCE        OF
KOSMOS.      AS         IN
L  A   N  G  U  A  G  E  ,
TO     ERODE       INTO
RUINS,                  .   .  .
WHENCE                THE
ECHO          OF           A
MELODY   PLAYS   .  .  .

              a.s. 1998 





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f o o d f o r t h o u g h tthe more you scroll the more we rollceci n'est pas un bateau . . . . y o u c a n n e v e r a c t u a l l y g e t t o t h e b o t t o m o f i t , r e a l l y . . . t h o u g h t f o o d f o r s c r o l l d o w n i t s d e e p

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t h i s i s n o t r e a l l y a b o t t o m