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Velkomin(n) persnulegt blaur, rfl og vaur, essum heimi kjaftis og blaurmennsku. g skrifa af og til. essi vefsa er ein sa, eitt r einu, hreinsu upp um hver ramt me njum herslum efnislega s, skrifu eftir hvaan vindur stendur, eins lengi og a endist. ll skrif hr eru mitt orginal efni og m ekki kpera neitt nema lta mig vita. Sem er byggilega hi minnsta ml, nema a s nttrulega gert n afskaplega jkvrar og skemmtilegrar tilvitnunar. Pabbi minn er lgfringur. Og ef ert svona kjtheims-vegfarandi/slendingur fer Manhattan mttu alveg hringja og f kaffi hj okkur. Vi erum fjrmlahverfinu rtt sunnan vi World Trade Center fyrrum, hsinu hr til vinstri, nmer fjrutuogfjgur Trinity Place annari h. Fyrir framan okkur er Trinity kirkjan, fyrir aftan okkur einhverjar klmbllur. Svona mitt milli gus og skrattans mtti segja mr. Hmm jamm j.

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December 26, 2006
Atheists are now the most hated group in AmericaYes, trust these people. They deserve your trust.
A recent University of Minnesota study found that atheists (people who believe in no God) are "the most distrusted, untrustworthy, if not outright hated group in America."
Wow. Considering that the vast majority of Americas top scientists (93%) are atheists, then the role models are being diverted toward superstition and charlatans, perhaps Taliban style. Atheists are of course the ultimate "infidels" according to religious fanatics, clearly effective in their propaganda.
Interesting. While the top scientists in the USA are an enormously respected group around the world, they don't seem to be so appreciated at home, all the while people pounding their own chests on the achievements for these fellow-American scientists that they clearly (must) hate.
Maybe it is that these scientists have not yet found any proof of the existence of a God? Christ, how annoying it must be! Or could it be that the scientists are so unanimous on global warming, you know, the un-American enemy of a petrochemical lifestyle?
December 11, 2006
Yummie. Slurp. Mmm.

"And then, honey, half a year later, we sell it to you..."

December 8, 2006
Einhver vsindamaur Benjamin Weiss, var PBS a tala um a vatn hefi uppgtvast Mars, a etta vri "augljslega vatn" en btti n svo vi a a vri eiginlega bara visual giskun.
g leit
essar loftmyndir og sndist etta n vera vafasm fullyring hj essum manni og jafnvel vera eitthva ykkra, ryk, skria ea .h. mia vi a vi erum slendingar og hfum mrg gtis flng fyrir fjallshlum. Er svo sem enginn vsindamaur, en g hef t.a.m. aldrei s vatn liggja sk hl allavega. essi skria stvast ur en hn nr a leka dalbotninn (ggbotn), lkt vatni. Nema hn s snjfl ;-) Ea tjah, ...ykkt vatn? Svona eins og ungt vatn, ea gamalt vatn.
ar fyrir utan a ef vatn er Mars einhverjum mli, vri a n augljsara og merki ess t um allt, er a ekki? Allavega vitum vi a
gamlar sgusagnirnar um thf Mars hafa reynst rangar. etta hp me vatni er kannski bara framlenging vonarglum gamalla spuna um plnetuna gu. Staarins sem einu sinni gnai en n gti reynst framtardvalarstaur fyrir flk sem vill berjast fyrir tilverurtti snum vonlausu umhverfi. Sent af ru flki sem fr vel borga og mikla athygli.
Kannski er vatn mars, en a er sannarlega ekki miki
, mia vi r upplsingar sem vi hfum. En plnetan er ll meira og minna undir frostmarki.
Hitt er anna ml a egar illa gengur
hj Knum, fer gang frttaflutningur me "good news." Um daginn var strfrtt um a Bandarkjamenn tluu a lenda tunglinu 2024. Svo miki af essu er endanum bara hreinn uppspuni. Smokescreen til a fela alvru frttir?
Svipu grein var sett t ri 2000 og m.a. st henni: "Finding water on Mars will likely put spurs into future mission planning" og "NASA plans to make the blockbuster announcement during a press conference scheduled for June 29, sources said. The discovery, if confirmed, would mark the achievement of a primary goal in NASAs program to explore Mars."
Sem sagt skylt dmi gangi. Upphpu vsindavinna, er peningnum betur vari a mennta brnin og setja lg fyrir essa fjlmila sem svo margir halda a su eitthva elilegir?

Miss Windy Cindy
Even more bizarre than earlier in the year when a woman flaunting a Nivea cream canister on board a jet liner from London got the entire US Air force to react as if to a Soviet invasion. Terror security reached new levels of absurdity today as a woman lit a match to hide her smelly farts while on an airplane. Bad enough, one can not escape to anywhere while stuck on an airplane. Instead of removing her matches, the aircrew flipped, and so did the pilot, diving into an emergency landing at the nearest airport at Nashville where police, I presume well armed and also freaked out, greeted the flatulent lady batons and lassos in the air. Then the media got a hold of the story and instead of concealing her smell, as she first intended, the whole world found out about her farting on an airplane.
Moral of the story? To every action there is a reaction. And in a hyperparanoid world, there is an ever more absurd chain command of re-actions.
Of course there are other more important issues to discuss but why not freak out over something stupid while we still can?
December 2, 2006
Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told President Bush before he resigned that the administration's strategy in Iraq was not working, The New York Times reports."
Well, ehrr...
maybe it's just the not-thereness of the strategy part that isn't eh...working?
December 1st, 2006
A sad day for our neighborhood: 50 Trinity Place, NYC.
The building on the far right houses the Daniel Liebeskind studio, grey skinny building on left houses Dingaling Studio. In between, on the corner, as of today, our neighborhood ever important deli is now closed, a victim of some strange "progress." Great tenants kicked out, Cafe World opened in 1998, replacing a previous store shortly after we moved into our neighborhood. This fantastic Deli has had the nicest hard working dedicated people and actually some great food for a New York Deli, with its excellent Korean owner setting big professional standards for lunch cooking and taste in food. Every breakfast and lunchtime has seen a huge human crowd of people working in the neighborhood looking for good flavored sanity. With seating upstairs it was a casual place fit for people through upper middle class.

This building, 50 Trinity Place, on the corner of Rector and Trinity is, according to the staff at the Cafe World, slated for demolition. This building and the Deli outlived terrorists on 9-11 with a 4 inch layer of dust in front and a shelter for people caught in the debris cloud. Many a WTC victims would have gone there for lunch. One can only appreciate its handsome scale and proportion, hard to comprehend unless you stand near it, fitting in quite well with the neighborhood. Its an old-timer scale-wise built like a smaller version of the uberscaled yet not so big JP Morgan close by. Certainly not an architecture masterpiece by rigorous architectural standards, 50 Trinity Place was built with some ambition and a particular taste. Click for close-up detail of 50 Trinity PlaceIt most likely is far better than whatever will be built on the site, considering the invasion of pathetic brick tortes and nowhere land street insensitive structures, popping up like pound on the chest "We Need Rebuilding" -cancer all over downtown with doormen behind large sheets of glass ready to thwart your smallest curiosity. Now it appears the building will be collapsed by an actual inside job, a downtown building bonanza that seems to carry a careless attitude for the neighborhood and the history that belongs to the area, truly unique to the history of The United States. 
For Trinity church across the street, a tall structure will cast a shadow on the very old cemetery trees in the sun starved Trinity grave yard. Over the corner of 50 Trinity Place today actually shines the good old SUN to daily bathe the graveyard in a healthy afternoon light. A tall building here may do great disservice to the unique downtown graveyard.
The loss of this good small business certainly hurts the neighborhood for about a 6 block radius. If they don't build right away, lets hope the building doesn't stand empty, as do so many other ones, killing the neighborhood by the action of individual selfish money speculators waiting for the big profit while the neighborhood gets less basic service. 3 of the 6 street level businesses on the block have vacated within the last years, an ominous sign for any people trying to maintain a sense of order in their fragile New York environment. No more flowers on the sidewalk, no more poppy CC.
November 30. 2006
The $100- laptop for the 3rd world.
There has been a lot of talk about the $100- laptop for third world, w/crank to recharge batteries, low cost systems, to allow children in the 3rd world to be educated. Sounds great if it works. I can see if the computers come loaded with educational programs and files that it could be educational. But tech support, anybody??
Where income is low, say a $90- a year, and food is not always on the table, which is it better, to give these people One Hundred Dollars of:
a) Bookshelf full of good books
b) Handcrank computer without internet connections or tech support?
c) Farming tools and farm animals with which to start own crop?
My feeling is that the the handcrank laptop will become a gadget for backpackers or people without access to a plug in the wall "you know, where the electricity comes from." Perhaps there are public grants available to the developers of these handcranks.
Who knows., but I am not convinced the computer is for the 3rd world, but then again, the electronic world is a rapidly changing place.  
November 26. 2006
Police shoot groom in New York City.
Not only in Afghanistan and Iraq are
weddings being destroyed, but also here in New York City. Some police shoot and kill a man about to get married. They stop his car with an unmarked van and he tries to escape, understandably, who wouldn't! If you're in a dark area and some suspicious van tries to stop you, why stay put? What's the difference between some uniformed killing you or some criminals killing you? Is your death any different? 50 rounds for unarmed people coming from some bar.

I am surprised there aren't more cases like this. A couple of years ago some guard-idiot here by the World Financial Center deliberately pointed his machine gun at me as I biked along the river.
Followed me with his machine gun. No reason for it, I was just riding the bike. Some men think their manhood comes from wielding a weapon, and I am surprised more people aren't shot in the name of bla bla. Or are there?
13. Nvember, 2006
Polyurethane Headquarters.
America has it all. Today I found the Polyurethane Foam Association, located in Knocksville, Tennessee, I suspect the city is a likely leading industrial giant in the foam area. Judging by their headquarters, there is room for expansion.

11. Nvember, 2006
Gfur, hva er a?
Hva eru gfur. Hmmmmmmmm. Gfur skv. skilgreiningu mannflksins eru kannski eir ttir sem gera okkur sjlfum kleyft a skara framr. Hundar hafa stundum betri elisgreiningu hva flk er a pla en flk almennt. Hvernig skilgreinum vi slktar gfur? Myndu vikomandi hundar telja flk heimskt a skynja ekki kvena hluti?
ekki msa sem gera ekkert nema hugsa um nstu mlt, klsettferir og virast skynja frekar lti kringum sig, kannski a hluta vegna ess a vikomandi eru gersamlega gerilsneyddir af sjnvarpsglpi og endalausum blferum. Ea hva?
J a keyra... ekki keyrir pfagaukurinn, haha. En bllinn ekki smaur fyrir hann heldur. Hva vri svo maurinn n handanna lka? Flest okkar erum glettilega nrri drunum a flestu leyti. Jafnvel egar a sest undir stri og keyrir langferina, er hj ansi mrgum aallega hugsa um svefnsta, sta til a bora og kasta vatni og svo nr a ekki lengra. Ekki fundu allir upp tlvur, smalnur etc. a voru rfir sem svo komu essu framfri fyrir alla hina sem sjlfkrafa njta gs af. a arf engar srstakar gfur til a tala sma. Held a smi gerur fyrir pfagauka geti vel virka og eir lrt a tala hann lka. Eins og Gunni frndi. En ekki getur Gunni frndi flogi og rata milli 3 heimslfa n landakorts ea ttavita, yfir landsvi og hf n kennileita.

Upplsingasfnun er hugaverur pll etta. Sumir eru gir a safna upplsingum og bauna ara til a stga hrra goggunarr, satt a segja held g a miki af vitneskju sem flk safnar s skotik kaos. "Sstu Survivor gr, hvernig John drullai Janet? Nei ekki? Hva er a r, lser!"
Upplsingar sem dr deila saman, eins og fuglar gera me sng og vsbendingum um mat ofl. bendir flki samflag sem vi hfum raun ekki byrja a skilja. Las um etta bk sem heitir The Singing Life of Birds eftir Kroodsma [sp] sem hefur veri a taka upp fuglasngva og spilar hgt til a analysera snginn. okkalega flkin lagauppbygging egar bori er saman vi einfaldar symfnur ea lagauppbyggingu hj Btlunum ea mrgum rum.

Allavega er hgt a fra rk fyrir essari upplsingasfnun, lka inrun, skpun vlum etc. Samt er a klrt ml a fir ra svona tki og flest eirra eru ngilega einfld til a mis dr gtu nota au ef au vru bara hnnu fyrir vikomandi dr.
Svo eru tki sem arf mikla upplsingabakgrunna til a nota. Bara ef drunum vri kennt eigin tungumli en ekki knversku. g til a mynda er alltaf a ska ess a geta fengi venjulega old fashioned ritvl til a sleppa vi allann ennan tlvufrumskg, enda bara venjulegt dr rtt fyrir allt.
November 9, 2006
Rumsfeld still at it!
One would think that a resignation would mean resignation, but the right wing
er is still touting his rhetoric to confuse otherwise good people:

Unlike Cold War, todays enemy has nothing at stake, no territories. They murder innocent civilians by the thousands, Rumsfeld said. The enemy cannot be deterred through rational self-interest. Todays threat does not come from nation states but enemies that lurk in the shadows, he said."

This in a speech in Kansas, why this
guy still has the microphone is baffling, but symptomatic of the soviet style condition of the press. Report what boss say.  Any claim that terrorism is any excuse for the disaster in Iraq is untrue and a deceitful assertion. There are other reasons for the invasion.

Terrorism occasionally murders, but meanwhile, back at the ranch; 400,000 people in the United States alone die each year from cancer as a result from smoking. How about a little reality check, or correctly arranging
our priorities to what is actually best for our great United States?
November 8, 2006
Election Victory, or what?
People are rejoicing over the victory over Bush. The fact is that almost half of the voters still voted for the elements that have
smeared the good name of our good ol' U.S.. The fact is that 650,000 Iraqis have died as a result of the invasion policy, twice the number that died as a result of the  ('91-'03) trade sanctions (500,000). Given the disaster of the policies, it is disheartening to find that half the votes still went to back up the same policy makers. Thats 20% of the electorate, since voter turnout was 40% according to this.
A tight Senate is by no means a control of the Senate by Democrats, who
seem anyway deep in corruption and lobbying mire as well. The political landscape is not a choice of a color spectrum but seems like a choice between light grey and dark grey. If there was a better representation of the diverse population, could there be a better chance of investigating the invasion on apparently made-up evidence?

Rumsfeld resigns.
Yippee, Rummy has been asked to leave. It goes without saying that the biggest
mouths assume the greatest power while being the essential blunderers. Some of the farce from this guy can be compared with the (then) comical victory speeches of the Iraqi authorities during the invasion. In the end, the Iraqi propagandist proved in some (limited) ways accurate, in terms of Iraqis fighting back and talk of body bags etc. In any case, Rumsfeld gets off easy compared to others.

November 5, 2006
Saddam sentenced to death today.
Tyrant, mass murderer, dictator. He will be missed by few, relatively. Certainly not by the groups in Iraq that were victimized by his power. Congratulations. Four things come to my mind today, as this verdict is handed out:
1.  American midterm elections are in two days. "Coincidence" say those who still are in a state of denial. Yes, sure. The timing reflects how the Iraq war has been thoroughly politicized for the means of a small group of powerbrokers. Desperation leads to more desperation. Tricksters pull endless tricks out from their sleeves. The timing of this verdict
may have the air of an AD campaign.
2.  The Iraqis had it better under Saddam than Bush. This disturbing fact brings up several basic questions regarding punishment and who needs to be tried as well, 650,000 people have died
[Lancet study] due to "Shock and Awe" on 3-19-2003 and the situation that followed, someone is responsible for this disaster.
3.  Most of the crimes of Saddam were committed while he was "Our son of a bitch." Rumsfeld and other industry spokesmen were going to Iraq to make deals while atrocities
were being committed. Reagan Bush era was lenient towards Saddam (until Aug/Sept '90) in spite of apparently full knowledge of atrocities. This video is helpful in understanding some parallel background 10 yrs prior.
4.  The sentence being carried out during the time of a U.S. proxy government in Iraq means that large elements will view the sentence as an American intervention. The status of a martyr
may be applied within come groups and chances are that this will deepen the split between Iraqis along sectarian lines. Time will tell.
31. Oktber, 2006
ralag og Leifsst.
Leifsst er uppspretta draumfara. g leyfi mr a kvarta, takk fyrir: Maur kemur r Amerkuvlinni og arf a brulast me alla barnagjafirnar niur fyrstu h.
Svo arf maur a labba 10 metra og drslast svo aftur upp hina sem maur var .
arf a fara bir me allskonar frekjurssum sem ryjast fram fyrir mann og gegnum vegabrfsskoun. arf a labba 1 km leiindagang r engu ekkert. Af hverju ekki bara hafa ganginn 3 km? Ea hafa innanlandsflug r einum enda hinn? enda gangsins arf a finna sr lei niur aftur, eftir a hafa fari upp og niur grn-arkitektr. Ef vel tekst til finnur maur niurleiina strax, annars vlist maur innanum glingurbir me lopaskinns vrum fr helvti, lopa etta og lopa hitt, slandsfnakaffibollaskeiakassaslaufur whatever og bla bla, voa stt -hvar kemst maur t???
endanum kemst maur niur og sjaldan hef g bei eftir tsku nrri klukkutma og stundum hn aldrei komi. Og tekur tollhlii me bamiklum tollvrum:
"Sll gi, hva ertu me filukassanum?"
"Ja, bara sm sendingu fyrir Bjrn Bjarnason rherra."
"Allt lagi gi, mtt fara gegn."
Eftir etta hark arf a ba eftir rtu og svo kemur rsnan pylsuendanum:

Keflavkurvegaspottinn "stutti."

Oh! Er ekki komi ng hugsar maur. V bara veri a breikka. Ofsa gaman a keyra svona hrabrautum. Munur a f a sitja nowhere-landi 45 mntur. "32 mntur Hafnarfjr," gargai Hafnfiringurinn me florbrosi hj lverinu.
ri 2025 mun maur hugsa me sr: Af hverju voru eir a flytja djf.  innanlandsflugi etta vindrassgat? Sorry Suurnesjamenn. Reykjanestkjlkinn er alveg frbr, en bara glata a lenda lengst burtu fr hfuborginnni anga sem langflestir eru a fara. a er eins og a taka strt Hsklann, sem droppar manni af lftanesi. Best vri a f almennilegt millilandaflug beint Vatnsmrina. Uppfyllingar Skerjafjr og sleppa Keflavkurleiinni.
Jja, kemst maur inn borgina loksins. Flk ryst framfyrir mann r rtunni til a n sasta taxanum BS. Maur leitar a sma og pening til a hringja og Taxi kemur eftir korter. Eftir heimkomu sofnar maur sm eftir svefnlaust flug og horfna ntt. Daginn eftir er banka upp hj manni og einhver sendill bist afskunar fyrir hnd Flugleia. Blindfullur slendingur hafi ruglast tsku. "etta kemur fyrir hverju flugi" segir hann, og glottir.
29. Oktber, 2006
Br vi Drekkingarhyl.
ingvallanefnd hefur sett fram myndir af nrri brartillgu xar vi drekkingarhyl. "Tillaga a nrri br yfir xar vi Drekkingarhyl." g s einhvern veginn nverandi br falla betur a umhverfinu vegna lgunar, ferar, sgu og styrkleika sem sklptrs.

g sendi ingvallanefnd eftirfarandi skoun:

akka fyrst fyrir a mega segja skoun mna essu mannvirki sem veri er a athuga a reisa helgasta sta landsins.

Nja brin ykir mr nokku hugaver hva varar eigin-konsept og slkt, varla s hugmyndin meistaraverk og frekar rr tfrslu. a getur veri allt lagi a br s me ryi og handriin ltt sn. a er ltil sta a fara svona burarstrktrs-leikfimi essum sta. Nstandandi br er me kassalaga formum og tilheyrir kvenu tmabili slenskri brarsmasgu. Hn er massf eins og klettarnir bakgrunni og vissum skilningi hugaverur brtal minimalismi, sklptr ar sem sterkur steypumassi vegur upp brarhafti mti kletti andspnis. Nttran fyrst og fremst a njta sn og nstandandi br, sem var ger fyrir lveldishtina 1944, fellur mun betur a umhverfinu en essi raubrna verkfrilega tillaga. Bogastrktr me snilegum "keystone" er eins -slenskur og hgt er a vera. etta er v raun meira tilvsun klassskann fornaldararkitektr Suur-Evrpu og lttleikinn sem slkur er meira fyrir kvei anna umhverfi, s.s. kauphallir, verslunarhs ea anna lttstrktrs umhverfi. Segjum sem svo a hugmyndin gangi upp me "glinunina," hvernig tti mnnum ef manngerur gerfigoshver yri reistur vi hliina Geysi?

g er ekki sannfrur um a veri s a fjrfesta neinu ea bta umhverfi xarr. Gestir eru a koma til a skoa og ganga um einstakt og strbroti nttrufyrirbri; kletta, strgrti, grasbala, xar og hyl sem hefur me ofbeldi gegn kvenflki a gera. a kemur enginn arna til a horfa gegnum gler niur .

Blfr vegur og blfr br er einnig tmaskekkja og fst hugsun um gamla veginn sem ur l arna niur. a er elilegt a menn hugsi annig en g vil bara benda a gngulei er a sem etta umhverfi er -og verur. Anna hvort er keyrt arna niur ea ekki. a m lka velta v fyrir sr hvers vegna gnguleiin sneiir dag framhj hyl ar sem konum var drekkt fyrir smvgilegar stur. Gnguleiin a fara alveg niur a hylnum og setja hann ann sess sem hann skipar jarmevitundinni. Rttarbartta kvenna sr langa sgu og essi hylur er hluti af henni.

Svo ekki sr maur nausyn a sma berandi burarfri-meistaraverk arna. Brarhafi er a stutt og umhverfi sjlft bur einfaldlega ekki upp verkfritrix. etta a vera gngubr og m framhaldi af v spyrja hvers vegna a hafa hana svona breia og ekki bara smgera ltlausari gngubr, rtt vi vatnsbori. kemst flk nr xar en a horfa gegnum eitthva rykugt gler, s landslags-upplifun er hvort e er yfirdrifin me rtutsni 100 klmetra hraa. a m lka setja spurningarmerki vi hlana garinn, sem heldur veginum a brnni. Me v a gera brna smgerari -og sem gngubr- arf ekki ennan hlana steinvegg, sem hvort e er m alveg missa sig. a m vel fjarlgja essa akeyrslugrs sitthvorum megin brarinnar og fra umhverfi upprunalegra horf me fallegum gngustg sem liast um nttrulegt umhverfi gjrinnar.

Gngustg svo ekki a gera beinann eins hvern annann blveg. Hann getur hlykkst betur um stainn og arf ekki a rghalda essa beinu aksturslnu sem essu tilviki snigengur hylinn. N br a vira etta umhverfi og vera eins ltlaus og hgt er, gngustgur arf a hlykkjast niur hylinn og auvita ekki a vera skoaur sem blvegur. Clinton hefur gott og gaman af v a labba arna niur eins og hver annar, hvers vegna a hanna nja akstursbr fyrir ri enda einhvers heiursmanns egar allir njta ess best a ganga arna niur hvort e er. a ngir a leyfa hreyfimluum a f agang a yndislegri rigningunni, slinni, rokinu og yfiryrmandi hamraveggjunum.

eir sem koma arna a skoa eru sannarlega ekki bnir a fljga yfir Atlantshaf og ingvll til a skoa einhverja br, heldur nttruna sem a njta sn fram yfir allt anna. ll hnnun a taka mi af essu, fylgja landinu og gefa skoendum kost a njta nttrulegra mynda til hins trasta. v a skoa etta ml t fr umhverfinu sem fyrir er.

Svo til a gera langt ml stutt segi g a anna hvort hafa nverandi br snu formi og spara peninga, ea fra umhverfi hylsins nr upprunalegu horfi og losna vi mlina sitt hvorum megin og hanna fallegann gngustg sem liast um legu gilbotnsins, me ltlausri br alveg vi vatnsbori. arf ekkert gler ea svona voa hnnun.

Bestu kvejur,
lafur rarson
Arkitekt FA, og kennari inhnnun; Rhode Island School of Design.


October 26, 2006
The best music radio show: Bethany Ryker's Stochastic Hit Parade
This is a show I have been listening to for many years. A show with musical variety unparalleled anywhere, anytime. The diversity of Bethany Ryker's shows are striking, baffling, just amazing. I'll bet that there is no show matching the depth and beauty of her music collection and truly informative for curious people like me. Here is a person truly living her art. Listen to any of these shows... on
17. October, 2006
skudraumurinn: Chopper
essa mynd af eins hjli og g eignaist ca 1972...sami litur og allt. etta tti voa kl snum tma, hrikalega miki nota t um allann b. Rmar a g hafi haft krfu framan essu hjli egar g fr me kannuna hjlreiatr, henni byggilega til mikillar skelfingar. Enda stkk hn einu sinni t og framdeki yfir hana. Henni var eki meint af og vrnet strekkt yfir krfuna sem kannu-ryggisbelti.
essu hjli var fari a bera t Dagblai, selja Vsi, fara t gludrabir um allt, voa gaman.

October 16, 2006
Taxes, taxes, lower taxes, yippee, hurray, everyone together now!
While the same thieves who rake in heavy profits from sucking milk from government udders scream about lowering taxes, the entire sheep herd blindly follows and repeats the mantra, "Lower taxes! Lower taxes!" none of them seem to concerned that the promoters of the idea are lining their pockets with taxpayer money while
many children get poor education and inner cities are talent wastelands, racism is thriving and low wage slaves are a fact of life.
So the propaganda-masters have managed to brainwash "everyone" about how lowering taxes is so great but nobody seems to be up in arms about how taxes are spent on
corruption. Spending the taxes on the same money-salesmen who agitate for lowering taxes is a form of theft by con-men. Lowering taxes of course comes down on education and health care quality and other public service costs, the two most vulnerable areas in society, as does spending towards military means. But to be concerned about that? "Why? The TV never tells me to think of those things."
Meanwhile Americans get
a lot of shit-TV and shit-radio stations full of the same con-man-Ads and faux news, all the while express repugnance at the idea of a state run media. Having both would surely cure a lot of disinformation.
Meanwhile, we have New York Review of Books and a handful of other excellent media, the best in the world.
October 12, 2006
Misplaced emphasisNew York Post front page, oct 12, 2006
Some headlines today tout the airplane crash of some Yankee pitcher into a high rise as the
tragedy of the day. The same day as the pitcher rammed the high rise, there was a historic report out, a detailed study of deaths in Iraq, explaining that deaths in Iraq had reached 650,000 as a direct result of the invasion and occupation.

It's a tragedy for the reputation of this great country! In a few years everyone will remember the Lancet study but few the pitcher's tragic crash.

How inconvenient for the same
paper that supported the disastrous  invasion to get more bad news. So the death of a pitcher being more important than the news of 650,000 dead comes as close as you get to defining hypocrisy. Even if we consider the report were "guesswork" as Bush called it, and have, say, 1/4th of the deaths, we'd still have the study as the tragedy of the day, for our great America.

Lancet study PDF  by
Gilbert Burnham, Riyadh Lafta, Shannon Doocy and Les Roberts.

John Hopkins University  John Hopkins statement on the study 

October 9, 2006
Disruptions at Columbia University
Some immigrant-hat
er charlatan, Jim Gilchrist, was speaking the other day at Columbia University. He is apparently the type that blames the failures of the American school system and health care system on illegal immigrants -and wants them all deported. Of course these sort of organizations like his are smokescreens to hide real sources of the problem, which is with racists like himself, and that the whole system has some serious fractures because of people like him. Anyway, the schools have a long history of various failures or successes, just looking at the schools in the black community it is obvious that the problems of the school system is not the fault of immigrants, illegal or legal. The health care system and incarceration rates also confirm already underlying social problems..

Not to mention how free speech in the University system was suppressed via high tuition costs kicked in by Ronald Reagan in CA in 1968. With students financial burdens up to the neck, which one wants to rock the boat?

What's very strange is how a guy like Jim Gilchrist gets invited to Columbia of all places, to tout his anti-immigrant views, but that the NYC mayor and school president Bollinger actually get out of their way to skirt around the issue by standing with his right to free speech while not accepting free speech from protesters, students, whose actions are grossly exaggerated in
certain  right wing extremist and failure prone media. The people in the audience booed Jim Gilchrist out and properly so, as his views should not be presented as legitimate in a critical school like Columbia. He was a lousy speaker and was no good. Great work, protesters! Mr. Bollinger should congratulate his students for speaking out and kick Gilchrist back to wherever the hell he came from.

Reminding you that he is using this issue to tout his stand. He says "Columbia U. Brownshirts Stomped on First Amendment." Oh poor guy. Has he met
some poor  immigrant with 5 children who may get kicked out? So I guess Mr. Bollinger, the NYC Mayor and Jim Gilchrist are on the same page. That's a shame and perhaps an omen of what is to come. The incident, exaggerated in the tabloid media can also become a nice straw-man issue in the upcoming elections like the swift boat crap. Meanwhile, back at the ranch... Charlton Heston shines his barrels and the poor struggle on.
29. September, 2006It took a week before "the cleaners" got their masks.
Rudy Giuliani slandi.
Fyrrverandi borgarstjri New York slandi. essi gaur nar grimmt a fara um og sna sig, eftir a hann var "hetja" 11. September. Menn NFS sna blaur hans um a stri rak s brnausynlegt. Ekkert komment eftir a, kommon. Hvernig er hgt a lta svona fla blint og gali? A terroristar su rak sem verur a sltra. Hann auvita er einn af essum ltra hgri mnnum sem sj ekki a a eru rakar sem eru a plaffa Kanana. annig a stri sem Giuliani er a tala fyrir er str gegn rkum og svo segir ddinn a a s nausynlegt a vinna a str.

Og erum vi komin aftur a aal vandamlinu me Vetnamsstri, margir kanar halda a USA hefi tt a vinna a str. Samt voru eir stri gegn Vetnmum. Segir sjlfur Robert MacNamara Fog of War. Hvernig er hgt a vera svona tregur a halda a maur geti unni svona str gegn j?
Auvita m bast vi svona dellu fr borgarstjranum sem sagi okkur bum 911  hverfis hr a allt lagi vri a hverfa aftur heim strax fyrstu viku eftir a turnarnir fllu, enda eigendur babygginga sem borga kosningasji hans og tapa leigupeningum eitthva "sm bl" s gangi hverfinu.

J gott a nlega einkavddur SMINN er farinn a bja heim einkavddum bllshitterum. Allt stl takk fyrir. Ein nnur spurning: Af hverju er Giuliani me grmu? eir sem svara rtt f keypis prins pl hj mr.
Be vei, smafyrirtki USA eru ll murleg. Have a ns dei.
26. September, 2006
mar Ragnarsson me mtmlagngu kvld.
Leitt a sj a
n er virkjanaumran aftur farin a snast um einhvern einn einstakling. etta snst vst raun ekki um athafnamanninn mar, g viti a hann er binn a vera a fljga arna me flk, gera margt og taka myndir ofl. Hann er kannski a srfa essu mli eins og einhverjir arir ailar. N vill hann lta htta vi a fylla lni og veita Alcoa orku gegnum ntt gufuafls orkuver fyrir noran.

N veit g ekki hver tti hugmyndina a v a htta vi a fylla
stfluna, allavega var etta rtt netinu (mlefnum ofl.)  fyrir 1-2 mnuum. etta er a sjlfsgu desparate hugmynd, v fyrst verur sannarlega alvru tap framkvmdunum. Kannski er a a sem kvenir ailar vilja, a knja fram tap. Bendi a eftir einhver r getur dollarinn hkka um 20% og breytast allir arsemistreikningar sem notair eru dag ea gr.

Alcoa bur 5 r (sem auvita ir 10 r) og arf a greia eim skaabtur, enda str fjrfesting fyrir fyrirtki sem ekki er fylgt eftir. Kannski er etta eins og me inaarmennina, eir lofa a framkvma eitthva og margir
eirra svkja a svo n ess a blikna. Af v eir hafa a svo gott (?) En tla menn virkilega a reikna gra af v a fresta afgreislu rafmagns til Alcoa?? a er auvita hreint djk a halda a gri veri af v, gti alveg eins veri a Alcoa htti vi vegna samningsrofa. Ekki a g s neinn srstakur adandi auhringa, allavega verur a huga a aljlegu lnsmati aljabanka framhaldi af svona htta-vi--sustu-stundu kvrun.

Tal um a meta nttrulegt svi til fjr fagurfrilega ea nttrufrilega er mnum huga gerningur, a er einfaldlega ekki hgt. Tkum til dmis Fimmvruhls, hva kostar hann? a er ekki frilegur mguleiki a meta svona hluti
nema a bulla heilmiki.
En a er hgt a telja tristana og hva eir skila inn a skoa svi, en a er auvita lg upph. N ef Fimmvruhls byi upp grarlega gufuorku, er hgt a meta hana til fjr
, annig s. Ekki a maur mli me v a fara a virkja gufuafl ar sem nttrufegur er srstaklega merkileg, en sumt er hgt a meta til fjr og anna ekki. Fagurfrileg og nttrufrileg srstaa svis arf a vera sterk til a f landvernd og svo egar upp er stai, er fjrhagslegt mat bara a, fjrhagslegt mat, og er allt anna mat eftir.

En talandi um gufuaflsstvar, r eru vart lka lti landinu. Ef spyrja tti mig lits, veldi g stuvatn (uppistuln) fram yfir
eiturgufuspandi hvta kassa. N hefur landsvirkjun sett aflsstvarnar langt ofan jr, eins Blnduvirkjun, og er a frbrt. etta er reyndar lka gert Fljtsdal. Hvers vegna hafa gufuaflsstvarnar ofanjarar? Er ekki tluver versta hr?

Allavega a ef htt yri a fylla lni, verur gufuaflsst fyrir noran einhver bt mlum? Er strlega efins um a. Enn einu sinni ykir mr ailar gegn framkvmdunum vera a dreifa mlinu einhverja tanga. a er skrt hverjir eru kostir og gallar virkjunarinnar og eir hafa ekkert me mar Ragnarsson, laf Elasson ea draumalandshfund a gera. Ekki frekar en ef frtt fr Blndusi eigi a snast um sjlfann frttamanninn.
A htta vi a fylla lni ir grarlegt tap.
A stinga upp a Alcoa fi orku fr Hsavk snist manni hreinlega ekki meika sens.
18. September, 2006
Meika monninga er dli."
etta heyri g ungling segja fyrir nokrum rum. etta er eitt af vandamlum dag, hver og einn er keppni um a meika svo miki monn a a er bara alveg sama hvernig a er gert. dag kom t skrsla, sem segir a 5 ra peningadla einkafyrirtki mis konar hefur veri algert failure a ra bluefni fyrir anthrax ofl. bio-hazards.
I find this all rather repugnant, said D. A. Henderson, a former top bioterrorism official. You have people here who, in the face of a problem of serious import, are using every tactic they can to line their own pockets.
a sem arf er auvita a laga etta brenglaa siferi hj flki og hugsa starfsrangur fyrst og svo fr maur monninga. Ekki fugt.
Svo er lka etta "siferi" a flk me peninga heldur a a geti keypt hva sem er. Eins og hgt s a panta bluefni.
Hr m velja um hvar hundurinn s grafinn.
17. September, 2006
pir kringum hfuborgarsvi.
Miki er rtt um Krahnjkavirkjun og lni sem fylla , eftir v sem g best veit nna Sept fram nsta sumar.
N ykir mr vanta alveg umru um hvernig fari hefur veri me svin nrri Reykjavk, falleg tnin spnd upp til a byggja ljta kassa "uppsveit" sem er endanum ekkert anna en llegt skipulag slaufa inn hrabrautardrasls-eyjur og dauft/dautt umhverfi. Flk sst ekki gtum essu skipulagsformatti sem er lngu r sr gengi, ef menn bara lsu Amerskar skipulagsbkur fr 1960-70 til a skilja a. Mjar rmur af upprunalega landinu f a halda sr, me mismunandi rangri. Sumt er btt s.s. Fossvogsdalur og Elliardalur rtt fyrir "hryllilegann virkjanaglp og br" sem snum tma var umdeild. Arir stair, ss. mjddin og svin ar eru alger hryllingur, grn tn me hrabraut, en voru virkilega falleg egar ar voru bara hir, bndabir og tn. Reykjavk hefi tt a byggja tt og hrra (3-6 hir), me hsum mefram gangstttum. essi sun er auvita stl vi etta neyslujflag san WW2, innflutt fr USA, og er alls ekkert vihaldandi nema skammt fram tmann. Bara a a halda aeinkabllinn veri alltaf til staar er furuleg en slm forsenda fyrir borgarskipulagi.

Fr fyrrahaust upp Brfell, ar um kvldmatarleyti var rinni spillt me hvaa fr grfum, dynkjum fr vinnuvlum og alls kyns smahljum, sst bygg og maur var eiginlega hissa a f ekki fri ea a Hafnfiringar leggust etta lgt a eyileggja sitt fallega land.

dag er veri a spna undirhlar lfarsfells eitt allsherjar drullusva og enginn af essum nttruverndarsinnum segir neitt. egja eins og grfin mean veri er a eyileggja nttruna umhverfis hfuborgina. Geldingarneseii, einstakt nttrufyrirbri svipa Grttuvita, er n frekar nlega bi a leggja veg og einfaldlega eyileggja -enginn sagi neitt. Zombies me stt munni. Svin sunnan Hafnarfjarar hafa lengi veri malarnmur og n er veri a byggja ar beint hinum megin vi lveri. Dalurinn sem liggur Austan r Hafnarfiri er lka eyilagur me dreifu hagkvmu thverfaskipulagi, stainn er vel hgt a byggja ttar og aeins hrra me hsum sem leyfa bygginni a vaxa innbyris og gera mannlegu umhverfi a rast. Svo egar slendingar gera a, er bara reikna upp eitthva ntingarhlutfall og llegar komnistablokkir me marmara mtaar voa flott teikningum, eins og mefram norurstrnd Reykjavkur, ar er ekkert gtu-umhverfi, heldur allt hanna eins og a s einhverju shopping mall, hs hafsj blasta. Hfuborgarflk hreinlega veit ekki hva tt og lifandi bygg er, ea er a ekki bara vandinn? stainn er flk sett sinn afkima ar sem arft ekkert a vita af ngrnnunum (rtt fyrir eilfar frekjuerjur) , landi sa eins og a s til ng af v, og neytendur eru rlar bla sinna.

essi fltti r borginni tekur engann enda og er lti anna en slumannasvindl. Amazon skginum gera menn hlisttt, enja t svi skgana n ess a draga lnuna neins staar. Allt til a fullngja neytendajflaginu, ar sem flk eru meira kaupendur en manneskjur.  essu fyrirkomulagi verur endanum ekki hgt a halda vi nema me rnum vihaldskostnai fyrir jflagi, enda varla nema 50 r eftir af oluldinni, og .a.l. drum plastvrum, framleislu og eldsneytismguleikum. Og a sem mikilvgara er, matarflutningi sem mun leia af sr hrra matvruver innan vi nokkra ratugi. aire sem gra essu eru nokkrir aal agiterarar eyslujflagsins; Blabransinn, vegager, byggingarbransinn.
September 16, 2006
Execution squads roaming Iraq.
In his speech yesterday Bush denied there was a civil war in Iraq. Once again he is refusing to accept the facts because they are inconvenient for him, he sounded more like a
bizarre autocrat, as he demanded that interrogators be allowed to torture people. Legally. Iraq has been out of reach for journalists because of violence. Ethnic cleansing is in full effect and thousands of executed bodies turn up each month in Baghdad alone. Neighborhoods are being cleansed ethnically by death squads, patients dragged out of hospitals and executed. Yet, the master  says all is on course despite some setbacks and that legalizing torture is the next logical step. Then throws out a couple of jokes. What his end game is hard to tell, but the way things are going it must be something close to hell.
12. September, 2006
Lilja byrju skla
Jja, dag var str dagur, Lilja byrjai fyrsta tmanum sklanum. g talai hana bara til rlegheitum og hn hljp inn kennslustofuna, var svo spennt. Ekkert ml fyrir hana. etta er Montessori forskli, gur og uppbyggjandi.
11. September, 2006
tal NFS
Annars var vital vi mig NFS, um 11. September, 5 r liin. "slendingur New York" Kannski best a gleyma essu.

September 11, 2006
A day of remembrance
I was sitting at the waterfront, my 2 year old daughter sleeping in her carriage. The sun is out and its windy, she sleeps nicely under a blanket. A man tries to restrain his dog, barking after a squirrel. Another man, a bicyclist with a large American flag on the back comes riding, blows a super loud whistle right by the child carriage and screams at the dog owner: "CUT THAT OUT!" I turn around and said "Sssssh!" The bicyclist with the flag promptly gives me the finger and tells me to "FUCK OFF!" I point my (index) finger at sleeping Lilja, he sees this and continues to
act as if he represents America. Shame on him.

September 11, 2006
Motorcyclists for 911
Once again hoards low IQ motorcyclists are flocking in from all over, to do their annual circling of the 911 neighborhood in the middle of the night. As if the people who live her
e want to be woken up by these idiots. I don't care if they drive around with their made in China American flags during the day, but to come at night and bother people here with their loud engines is just disrespectful for those who endured more than some TV barrage on the day and following months of the 911 attack.
7. September, 2006
US hands over Iraq army control
Today the Iraqi authorities take over Iraq army control. It reminds me that in Vietnam the same was done with the South Vietnamese during the "Vietnamization" program. Since the South Vietnamese were lackeys of
a foreign power, it was bound to fail, and did within a few years. One suspects the Iraqis see their army as subject of American control and then it comes down to a split in support for it. With the country being to unsafe outside the green zone for ANY reporters, it is impossible to say how brutal the Iraqi will be as it tries to match the brutality of the ethnic cleansing that has been taking place for quite some time. To date, about 50,000 people have been killed. This is based on news reports in an environment of severe underreporting.
6. September, 2006
Lilja af bleyjunni
dag er hinn stri dagur runninn upp. Sasta bleyjan notu og han fr verur koppur og klsett. Til hamingju Lilja mn.
6. September, 2006
Lung pollution / 911It took a week before "the cleaners" got their masks.

In the days after the 911 events, Mayor Giuliani repeatedly came on TV to announce that the air was perfectly safe to breathe near ground zero. This in spite of obvious symptoms when we'd stay down there, heavyness in the chest, dizzyness etc. Well, there was a fire burning in the ruins of more than 200 acres of office furniture and related stuffs. I'd go to our place and work and go back uptown in the weeks following the events. Everyone I spoke with complained about the air (often nauseating) while Giuliani on TV saying its ok, our neighbors all complaining about aches and pains, as proved to us in a building resident's meeting in october 2001. The extremist Giuliani of course would never admit to participating in the creation of health problems for people that are 911 residents or people working in the area. Even though he and his assistants wore masks for sure and the people cleaning the debris got their masks a week later. The fact is that 911 residents were pretty much ignored in the process, perhaps due to their low voter block for ambitious politicians, who knows..
Now today there is a study out proving the health problems for the disaster site workers, 70% with health problems. Thats shocking. But not surprising. 40% of them with no health insurance, and wont get proper treatment [NYT today]. Obviously the system is failing again and this is  no role model for other nations, sorry to say. Today, Mayor Bloomberg, denies "proof" of health damage. It takes a fascisti to deny proof of such problems. Health disaster for thousands of police men, fire workers, office workers 911 residents... And I am sure they will publicly conveniently forget the thousands of hired cleaners who came into the area to clean out apartments and offices, definitey without health insurance. Its cheaper for the city to let these people die, and its cheaper to forget the 911 residents.
Have a nice day!
30. gst, 2006
Hundahald leyft Reykjavk
Einhverjir endurtaka essa gmlu mtu: "Hundar eiga ekki heima borg, heldur uppi sveit." Sumir essara einstaklinga koma svo fyrir skiltum um alla borg ar sem banna er a fara me besta vininn. Ekki skrti a hundar eigi a vera bara uppi sveit v eir mega hvergi vera. Meira a segja eru hundar bannair almenningsgrum laugaveginum ofl. algert draumaland reglugerarpsa og rukkaratpna.
Annars hefur mr alltaf tt svo a fjlmargir Reykvkingar ttu best heima uppi sveit sjlfir. J hefu bara gott af v.
26. gst, 2006
Lilja bai uppi aki
essi mynd var tekin part hj vinum okkar um daginn. au voru me sm vernd 5 h, ak og ar var svona baker. Hsrandi fyllti a af spukluvatni og Lilja fr ofan. Ein kona labbai aki og var a ori: ", nei, einhver hefur komi minn sta sem stasta stelpan partinu!"

25. gst, 2006
Icelandic prime minister resigned earlier this summer.
Received some recent newspapers from Iceland, the prime minister resigned from his party. He was previously the prime minister, then foreign minister while a supporter of the Iraq invasion in spite of 90% of Icelanders being against it. In his resignation speech I thought it was the most interesting part that he was disapointed with the White House administration and that they had not told the truth. Neither about the WMD nor their commitment to the defences in Keflavik Iceland. His words summarize the problem around the world: "...these and other isssues have made me realize that the United States can no longer be considered a reliable ally."

And that's unfortunately not some pundit view. 
23. gst, 2006
Segir illa stai a verki vi hnnun Krahnjkavirkjunar
Heilsugrein birtist mogganum, 16. gst, vital vi Desiree D. Tullos, titlu vatnsaflsfringur og prfessor sem er sg hafa rannsaka  stflur og r ratug.
Hn valtar yfir stfluvinnuna og kveur etta mistk mikil, kvrunarferli of stutt, stflan muni leka, etta s allt a fara til fjandans og hn s hr vegum Oregon hsklans a rannsaka essi mistk sem slendingar hafa moka ofan gljfur til a stfla spillta jkulsna. N geri g a gamni mnu og kkti CV hennar ar sem skrt kemur fram a hn er astoarprfessor lffrideild Oregon State University. Hn hefur doktorsgru Biological Enginneering og Master gru verkfri (civil). g efist ekki um a hn s voa klr, efast g strlega um a hn viti betur en eir verkfringar sem hafa veri a slenskum virkjunum ratugi. Kannski kom greinin bara svona t, kannski er Desiree svona Fox(news)y eins og svo sumir "entitled" kanar sem telja sig vera efst fupramdanum. Vilja stjrna ferinni svona n ess a vita hvert stefnt er.
Allavega er maur reyttur essum rangfrslum og rtlultum, minni grein eftir mann egar veri var a undirba Hvalfjarargngin. Hann kva a ekki mgulega framkvmd, etta a "bora gat undir Hvalfjrinn." :-)
Manni snist umran vera komin t fyrir elilegt strik, kannski eru virkjanaandstingar a flippa t? eirra mlstaur liggur auvita tpuum vatnsfllum og landi sett undir vatn. N er taktkin komin alfari a pressa a stflan a valda eldgosum, jarskjlftum, valda flum sprungum, og svo bara springa ttlur, valda sandfoki rfum, leggjast yfir 100 fossa, .m.t. Dettifoss, drekkja fuglum, flbylgjur eiga a steypast af jkli yfir stfluna, flugvllurinn Egilsstum fer kaf, jkullinn skrur t ln og mun brjta stfluna, 57 ferklmetra strt Hlsaln mun fyllast af aur, Austurland mun missa 3000 strf sem skpuust af framkvmdunum (hmm), jin mun tapa gfurlegum fjrhum, rafmagnslnurnar eru einstk nttruspjll og bndur nrri eim f krabbamein, lveri mun valda atvinnuleysi, Alcoa a stjrna lgreglunni, amerskir fasistar rherrunum og Bush er hommi.
Vni skerpir huga skldsins.
17. gst, 2006
Bush sagi srael hafa unni Hezbollah.
srael segist hafa tapa fyrir Hezbollah.
Hezbollah segist hafa unni srael en Lbanon er rst.

Furulegur heimur.
August 9, 2006
Trojan thrown out
Senator Lieberman was tossed out in a Connecticut primary. I frankly never understood why the republican is in the middle of the Democratic party. He's a Trojan horse!
15. gst, 2006
Boy George frgur aftur
Boy George var gripinn me kkan heimilinu snu. Dmarinn var svo gur a setja hann ekki steininn eins og svo oft skeur hr. Bau Boy stainn a fara mefer og spa gtur 5 daga stainn. Ns g, og lttur dmur!
En hva gerir helvtis lgfringurinn ? "Boy klentinn minn verur svo mgaur yfir a urfa a spa gtur, a er fyrir nean hans viringu."
g spyr n bara hver heldur Boy George a hann s? Ha, of gur til a spa gtur??
Sammla dmaranum sem sagi, "...anna hvort kstinn ea steininn, itt er vali!" Kkan er auvita lglegt og kaui var me fullt af v binni. ar a auki laug Boy a lggunni og sagi einhvern hafa brotist inn hj sr. Lggan fr a rannsaka og Boy var bara a ljga. rugglega tryggingarsvik. Haldii a s bjni??
Mr var hugsa til ess a allt of margt flk telur sig of gott til a spa gtur ea spa anna bor ekki su nema eigin braumylsnur, nei of gur til a beygja mig ea sjst me kstskaft. Do you really want to hurt me?
Vinnusiferi hefur fari hrakandi sl. ratug sama tma og fleiri og fleiri halda a eir su mipunktur alheimsins og yfir allann saur hafnir. a er eins og margir skilji ekki lengur hva a er heilbrigt sl og lkama a byrja nlli vi og vi.
10. gst, 2006
Terrorismi 10 flugvlum fr Heathrow.
President Bush to make a statement about terror plot at 15:45 GMT. Um a gera a nota svona frttir plitskum tilgangi. Hva vorum vi a segja? Kosningar haust. Eitthva strt mun ske. a verur a vernda hfupaurinn. Reykvlin er a fara gang hj fjlmilaeigendum, enda hinir smu og komu Bush koppinn.
Veri er a kynna etta me pomp og prakt ur en komist er til botns essu mli.
5. gst, 2006
Hannes Hlmsteinn talar niur til tannlkna.
Rakst grein eftir Hannes Hlmstein Gissurarson, ar sem hann talar um a lgleia vndi ofl. Eitt stakk svoldi mig, sem er essi setning undirtitli: "
"Hver gerist tannlknir af einskrum huga?"
Er Hannes a einfaldur a halda a tannlknastarfi s bara til ess gert a gra? Lenti tveimur slkum tannlknum hr USA og a eru ekkert sniugar starfsaferir satt a segja a hugsa um $$$ fyrst og eitt. Me v urfa a fylgja lygar, kjur og jfnaur. Anna ml sem mtti krefjast hertari reglugera.
N er systir mn tannlknir og g veit hn sinnir snu starfi af miklum huga, fer rstefnur og leggur sig fram vi a gera sitt starf af samviskusemi og fag-kunnttu. Hvers vegna tala niur til flks eins og hennar sem er a gera starf sitt af miklum huga?
Menn kannski eru sammla essari setningu Hannesar ef eir eru samdauna essu hnignandi vinnusiferi sl. ratugar og brenglunar mati jflagsastum gegnum peningaslugleraugu. Sem hann hefur eins og fvs unglingur veri a agitera fyrir.
g spyr svona mti:
"Hver fer t a tala mli klmvingarsinna af einskrum huga?"
"Hver fer t a a stjrmla og hagfribkur hgri fgamanna fr Texas af einskrum huga?"
Fyrst "sumir" lta greislur sem undirstuna essu llu saman, hvar er peningasl Hannesar agiteringu fyrirtkjamentaliteti sem hefur forskrfa gildismati landsmanna, srstaklega sl. 10-15 rum? Hver hefur veri a pkka undir hann? Fyrir hverja er Hannes talsmaur raun? Varla er hann essu a forskrfa gildismati ungviisins af einskrum huga??

Svo g held sem sagt  a essi hsklakennari rkisspena mtti hugsa svolti meira um hva hann ltur t r sr.
27. Jl, 2006
Sning Fljtsdal.
Komum vi sningunni Fljtsdal. etta kemur lka gtlega t hj LV.

24. Jl, 2006
Safni Skgum
Komum vi arna a bygarsafninu. Held g hafi ekki komi stainn 1-2 ratugi. Flott og glsilegt safn. slenskt byggasafn me gum slatta af innflutti dti  ;-)
12. Jl, 2006
Opnun sningu Landsvirkjunar
Opnun var dag sningu Nauthlsvk, listaverkum LV fyrir Krahnjkavirkjun. Kom prilega t og mikill vindur.
July 7, 2006
They're going to blow up the Holland tunnel.
Heard this on NPR just now:
Law enforcement officials say they've thwarted a plan by foreign terrorists to bomb a tunnel that connects New York City and New Jersey. The planners reportedly wanted to blow up the Holland Tunnel in the hopes of flooding lower Manhattan." NPR today.
So my questions are:
1. How in the world are they going to blow a hole in the Holland tunnel? That's not an easy task even if they have a nuclear bomb. And then if they would, why would they use it on a traffic tunnel, since they always seem to want to maximize their kill?
2. How in the world are they going to flood lower Manhattan by exploding a bomb in Holland tunnel, a traffic tunnel a couple of miles north of here?
Manhattan is not under sea level.
Very strange story. Oh, maybe they're thinking of that OTHER Holland?
July 4. 2006
Happy Birthday America.
Its 4th of July and in spite of Mr. Green's case smudging an otherwise legitimately good holiday, I was going to flag. I put one up, and there it was, the old glory with its stripes and stars. I put my hand on my chest and began singing but the pride was short lived as I noticed that it had these big letters on it: "Made in China." So sorry folks, I won't go there. No flag today
, I'll have to get the real thing for next year. But far far away somewhere in the big world today, big ass rockets were fired in Florida and North Korea. One of them is incredible technology, I must make it to Florida sometime to see a launch.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we did go see the fireworks at the New York harbor with Lilja. 
Wednesday, June 28, 2006
Oh finally! A brand new Freedom Tower
They unveiled "a new freedom tower" today, to be built here, on the site of the former WTC. Yippee, another shiny postcard architecture! I don't see how this tower is new at all, it is just another tower, a fairly generic monolith. It will fit in well with the herd of new hideous street-deadbeats that have been popping up like prison walls all over lower Manhattan streets. It is not quite as ugly as those upper-East side brick tortes, but it certainly doesn't seem to bring about the architectural dynamic one should expect from the United States of America. Are numerics and geometry with a twist all they can do
with this site?

You know, this business of 1776 feet high just doesn't cut it for my taste when to comes to design values, and the superficial reference to the Statue of Liberty is an unfortunate true death-nail to inspiration and architectural innovation. A manifest to the bureaucratic big corporate sales jargon and a contribution to decline in cultural values. The French sculptor did a better job, you know. In reality, seeing the model of this building
at the WFC reminds me more of a birthday cake monument to a one year old.

This tower, if the "latest and last" will be less than the original WTC. Not an achievement if you ask me, the mister dumb architect-guy down the street. No and I don't feel the newly completed WTC7 does the job either, since it is also a street-deadbeat in the midst of Americas greatest urban concentration of otherwise living streets. Maybe they should look at what has been done properly in the city, even the Empire State building could serve as a great precedent over this slicko nonsense in progress at the WTC site. They themselves compare this to the Empire State building in their presentation speech today, but that's just sales talk.

Then, on another note, since the height of 1776 seems to have such marvelous significance in the minds of those who claim to love their country best, then what is the meaning of the 1386 feet to the top of the roof? I can't find a significant event in the year 1386 besides the battle of Sempach. Aha, do they mean i386, the
instruction set architecture of Intel's microprocessors? And, so then, since I am an architect-guy, I just subtracted the massive concrete, street-unfriendly base of 187 feet from the 1776 height of the tower, you get a figure of 1589. Hmmm. This is not a year for the United States, but a year in which the city of Hiroshima was founded. Why is this? You got to ask. Is this some mysterious coincidence? Since 1776 has this powerful meaning, then the 1589 surely must also be very meaningful in the eyes of the builders. If you subtract both the base and the antenna from the structure, you get the year 1181. Is it that number because Jayavarman VII became ruler of the Khmer regime in Cambodia? What's the story here? Or am I scratching my head for no reason?
Mivikudagur 21. Jn, 2006
Morgunblai netinu: Vantar ig drtt?
erfitt me a lesa forsuna, hn er orin eins og disk ljsashow, endalaust blikkandi drasl sem maur hefur engann huga og truflar lestur. Auglsingar hreyfast niur me sunni. Ein spyr hvort mig vanti drtt. Okey, yeah man, sure. Er g rttri su??

Auglsingafargi er ori svo miki og auglsingarnar svo gengar a gerningur er a einbeita sr a textunum. Hef opi nna og s a hlutfall auglsinga mia vi texta er ansi htt. Hr myndinni til hliar blokkai g frttatextana gult, og auglsingarnar rautt. Allar auglsingarnar eru blikkandi ea hreyfast me miklum ltum. Hr myndina hj mr vantar auvita pop-up gluggaauglsingar ofan allt, sem hgt er a sja t me pop-up blocker.

g skil a fyrirtki auglsi, a er elilegur hlutur. En egar auglsingarnar fara a trufla lesturinn, er of langt gengi og vald auglsenda fari a sna sig kostna frttaga.

etta sama vandaml er New York Times, prentuu, gtar frttir oftast, en r eru faldar blainu innan um brjstahaldaauglsingar og allsk. djnk. Ekki hgt a lesa ruvsi en a skilja a blainu sjlfu s meira annt um a sinna auglsendum en lesendum. Ea eigum vi a segja frttalesendum frekar en brjstahaldaraauglsingalesendum. En vefsunum hefur NYTimes meira kommon sense, str hluti kana reyttur essu endalausa skrumi.

ar fyrir utan er tluvert af frttum mbl bara einhverjar fyrirtkjafrttir, m..o. einhverjar tilkynningar sendar fr fyrirtkjunum sjlfum. spyr maur hvort MBL s ekki komi hla braut, hvar dregur maur mrkin milli tarlegs frttamiils og auglsinga-glansbklings?

Persnulega vildi g hafa etta annig a maur borgi mjg litla upph mnui fyrir skrift ($5-) og sleppi vi gengar auglsingar. Sumir, eins og undirritaur, vilja aallega sj frttir og frtta-analysis, gagnlega hluti, tarlegar greinar. Ef ekki, a hafa auglsingarnar me minna vgi og sjlfsagt hafa sr "auglsingasur" fyrir sem hafa huga a kaupa sr flatann skj ea drtt. Annars missir maur einfaldlega tr getu frttamiilsins til a mila frttum. 
Thursday June 15, 2006
The Power of Concentration.
I opened up this book at random and read this nice personal advice:

For he only can that says he will."

For some strange reason I have found the opposite to be true. Those who say they can, typically can not or are often lying. Besides, those who actually can, aren't wasting energy touting how they can, they just do it. 


Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Two poems about the WTC site:

Phantom protectors

At the periphery of the World Trade Center


Stand armed men, and blinking cop car lights.

They are fulfilling their duty
to protect the towers.

Armed with guns, they

make sure

you and I don't cross the line.


Although the towers left many years ago.

These armed men are like
the Japanese soldiers
who after WW2
still protect their island.

Unaware and alert.

Phantom protectors.

Olafur Thordarson 6/13/06



The viewing fence

The heroes of September 11, 2001

Please help us maintain this site
as a very special place.

-Keep off the fence-


Please help us maintain this site
as a very special place.

Violators will be prosecuted.

Please do not write anywhere on the viewing fence

Olafur Thordarson 6/13/06


Monday, June 5, 2006
Bicycle ticketing warning at the Hudson River bicycle path
Oh yes, I really like my bike and the child carrier/trailer that Lilja rides in. Biked up along the Hudson river today. 24km ride. Seems like every 10th time I bike, I get interrupted or harassed by an annoying "officer or guard" of some sort. Some are friendly
and professional, some scream at me for little or no reason. Those are the rude pigs. Here I was, at a nice normal cruising speed and a cop-type woman dressed in a green uniform had set up a STOP gate in the middle of the road and demands me to stop. I don't, of course, why stop a nice normal cruising speed? But she hands me this ticket while moving. Thanks. She seemed ok but I don't see having to stop for this sort of information, which should be explained via signage.
But why doesn't she clean up the horse shit from the police horses? Its all over the
bicycle path and its a dirty practice that the Parks Department is slack about. Rollerbladers can fall on the piles and bicycles swerve to avoid them, increasing accident potentials.
Also, these guard types never seem to get the pedestrians off the bicycle paths. They get the bicyclists off the pedestrian paths but nit vice versa.
I think they have a prejudice against bicyclists, a weird attitude nowadays. One day I was biking normally and minding my own business, and a guard at the World Financial Center told me to slow down, for absolutely no reason. I wasn't going fast so I ignored him. He then told me to "Fuck Off".
Good thing I didn't stop. I ignored that as well, good thing I didn't stop. At least he didn't point a machine gun at me like the one guard a year ago. The good thing is that not all guards are armed.
Sunday, June 4, 2006
Bush sets agenda: Gay marriage ban!
All right! Now he's really gotten his priorities straight. The healthcare system has an ongoing crisis, 35 million Americans uninsured, schools still segregated and racist policies in place reflected in the school system (read Kozol), job inequalities and prison figures (read Christe). Fake unemployment figures are actually a lot higher (1% of population in jail, pathetic minimum wage conceals working poor, unemployment lists are for 6 mo only, etc.) AIDS is still an enormous crisis still, affecting everyone. The media structure has collapsed around advertising for a hyperactive consumer culture only and lost almost all of its informative powers. Iraq is a huge disaster, with the reputation of the good old USA in shatters all over the world. The list is long; so if its broke, fix it!
What is the matter here? Perhaps a little sidetracking maneuver and wrong emphasis? Wrong priorities? You guessed it. I suppose a politician has to cater to gay-hating fringe voters that claim to be religious, I am just disappointed that they are numerous enough to change elections.
Mivikudagur, 31. Ma, 2006
Valgeri hta lflti, mtmlandi heldur skilti ar sem stendur: Drekkjum Valgeri, ekki slandi.
Hn hefur krt framtaksemi frjlsrar tjningar til lgreglunnar. En auvita er etta leiksning ar sem lgerur hefur brugi upp njum bakgrunni. hann er mlaur drekkingarhylur, blsaklaus kona og vondur maur me yfirvaraskegg og skilti. bakgrunni eru statistar a verki vi a kalla fram msa effekta og astoarflk togar spotta, sk bregur fyrir slu, kona heyrist veina ti nttmyrkrinu og menn me hnfa birtast skmaskotum rkkrinu, nutu grur vi sjnarhorn horfandans. nnur vdd er hr.

Talandi um rkkri er mr spurn: Hva telja kindur egar r eru a reyna a sofna?

Lesi Eduardo Galeano.
Tuesday May 30, 2006
Secure our borders!!!!
To "protect America from immigrants" there are plans to spend billions on aerial drones, expensive surveillance systems, special fencing etc to hermetically seal the USA from the "lower lying regions" of the world. It is interesting that at the heart of this plan there is a huge industry of defense contractors making enormous money on the geographic hermetic seal. Boeing, Ericsson, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and hundreds of other companies are expecting a bonanza in this field.
As Rockefeller said, tax-cuts are the little man's way of making money while real businesses make out on government contracts.
Once again, huge amounts of public money is being spent and injected directly into large companies, using phantom boogie men, instead of investing it into an improvement of the social system and social structure of the United States. With the US government so seriously in debt, the money would be better used to pay down some of it, strengthen social security, increase public school budgets, improve public transportation systems. These are are the types of real investments that pay off in the long run. Instead, the aim is a militarized Berlin-style wall in the south. Not good for the image of the U.S. but right in line with the mentality that keeps one percent of the population sitting in prison. Another multibilliondollar industry feeding of poverty.
My point being, the priorities are elsewhere, by fencing of imaginary enemies. Solving of social issues is put into a dark corner because of a free market religiosity. As if Denmark is somehow a bad role model. 
The other side is of course the back bone of American history, always basing its progress on a fresh batch of foreigners, making a better life for hard working people.

= x = x =

I heard a woman speak on the radio. She complained that there should be more good news out of Iraq. Perhaps soap opera writers can whip up some stories, since things aren't going that well over there.

Mivikudagur, 24. Ma, 2006
New York Times headline today: Armed Groups Propel Iraq Toward Chaos
Oh really? Is the staff at NYTimes now copypasting old news? To many vanilla lattes to concentrate? 9-5 now 10-4? Whats going on? "Hey boys, lets just use the headlines from a couple of years ago, you know, just to be original. Meanwhile, Frank, can you get me another Soy Latte Scrapuccino Venti with some gusto?"
Mnudagur 22. Ma, 2006
Opnun Williamsburg.
opnai sningin me Bukowski klukkunni minni. etta er allt lagi, troi t a eyrum. ar var Karim Rashid a spka sig. Hann leit t eins og Elvis-geimvera.
Mivikudagur 10. Ma, 2006
Vi Lilja frum saman hjlreiafer upp me Hudson nni eins og svona stundum. Hn aftankerrunni me msk og alles. Fnt hjlaveur ur en sumarhitar byrja. Leikvllur rtt fyrir nean 96. gtu er gamall me risatrjm sem skla vellinum fyrir sl og vindum. Grarlega miki af frjum rigndi r trjnum, var eins og snjai.
rijudagur, 2. Ma, 2006
hverfinu er megn brunalykt. Minnir mann 11. September, 2001 og mnuina ar eftir. etta sinn er a vst eitthva strt vruhs Brooklyn, kemur byggilega til me a kalla fram flashbacks hj rum bum hverfisins.
Fstudagur, 28. Aprl, 2006
Frbr bygging.
Var a rekast ljsmynd af essari byggingu sem g hef ekki s mynd af san arkitektaskla fyrir um 20 rum san. okkalega flottur strktr Massarra, rak. Toppurinn var vst sprengdur af fyrir rmu ri, en hey, hva gerum vi ekki til a frelsa "etta li." Rakst etta eftir a g geri tillgu a minnismerki Osl. vart svipa a formi til en skalinn allt ruvsi.

Mivikudagur, 26. Aprl, 2006
Scott Mclellan segir upp starfi talsmanns Hvta Hssins...
Einhver gaur fr Fox News tekur vi stunni dag. er mli komi a eigin rtum. Tony Snow vinnur hj FOX, .e. fyrir vin Bush, hann Rupert Murdoch kallinn. Fox er fyrirtki Murdochs, og er rursppa strsmangaranna. Vi vitum a Hvta Hsi hefur veri a kokka frttir kjallaranum. N er etta komi upp yfirbori, frttamenn eiga a eiga vi FOX propagandameister. getur hann flutt frttir beint af fundum Hvta Hssins ttina sna. Alveg lita og hreint fyrir skjldu... ehemm.
"Mr Snow has called on the White House to fight back against its critics and he now gets the chance to practise what he's preached."

nnur frtt er a hetjan mn hn Jane Jacobs d gr, essi kona er aal hugsuur borgarskipulags hr. Bk hennar Life And Death of The American City er hrifamesta rit sem maur hefur lesi um borgarskipulag. Verst a essi bk er ekki lesin af fleirum en raun ber vitni.  Hn var dugleg a standa hrinu allsk brskurum, sem voru a rsta hverfum til a leggja hrabrautir.
Fstudagur, 14. Aprl, 2006
Sktafla af essu tlendingahatri.
etta er New York Times dag, grein um a lglegir vinnandi innflytjendur geti veri hent fangelsi eftir hentisemi lgga:

In Putnam County, N.Y., about 50 miles north of Manhattan, eight illegal immigrants who were playing soccer in a school ball field were arrested on Jan. 9 for trespassing and held for the immigration authorities.
As an example of the uneven results that sometimes occur in such cross-hatches of local and federal law enforcement, the seven immigrants who were able to make bail before those agents arrived went free. The one who could not make bail in time, a 33-year-old roofer and father of five, has been in federal detention in Pennsylvania ever since.
"I took an oath to protect the people of this county, and that means enforcing the laws of the land," said Donald B. Smith, the Putnam County sheriff. "We have a situation in our country where our borders are not being adequately protected, and that leaves law enforcement people like us in a very difficult situation."

Oh, aumingja lggan. Menn fara ftbolta og eru handteknir fyrir a vera sklal. Pli v. Eitthva er a fara illilega rskeiis.
Lgreglumennirnir sj a etta eru "tlendingar" og taka a sig sjlfir a f tlenda vinnuaflinu hent r landi og fjlskyldufeur sitja san mnuum saman fangelsi. Lggurnar eru ekki a vinna skv. fyrirskipunum ea eftir neinum srstkum beinum fr tlendingaeftirlitinu.

Minnir mig sm atvik Milwaukee fyrir um 20 rum. g labbai yfir gtu thverfi ar sem engin umfer var, sralti af blum, utan 3-4 og einn lggubll. Skyndilega vindur lgga sr t r blnum og har mig og gefur mr sektarmia fyrir a labba lglega yfir gtu. etta kostai miki vesen, hafa samband vi dmara, urfa a fara fyrir rtt etc. en hefur tt voa fyndi hj essari lggu sem er augljslega hlfviti.
Eins og lggan sem miai mig byssu hr um ri.

Allavega segir etta mr a ef efnahagurinn hr fer til fjandans vera lglegir innflytjendur eir fyrstu sem f a finna fyrir ferinni. eir su
langflestir bara hr USA a vinna a sem Kanar vilja ekki vinna. a er auvita auveldara a kenna um dru vinnuafli en hruninu verkalsflugum sem hefur tt sr sta samfara Reagan stefnunum ofl. ttum.

Hr er vefsa me svona innflytjendahatri:
"Shockingly, between 300,000 and 350,000 children per year are born in the United States to illegal-alien mothers, and these children are granted automatic citizenship upon birth." Svo heldur etta li fram a "Vi Kanar" eigum a leyfa essum brnum a fara sklana okkar bla bla. rtt fyrir a essi brn su rkisborgarar ef au eru fdd hr Bandarkjunum.

Fstudagur, 14. Aprl, 2006
Mr var sent tlvupsti essi beini:

To:  Alingi slendinga

Vi undirritu, skorum Alingi og rkisstjrn um a lkka laga skatta bensn og dselolu verulega til ess a stemma stigu vi rt vaxandi verblgu landinu.
a verur a taka tafarlaust taumana!

Ehemm...: Heyru sko, stainn fyrir a heimta a rki til a lkka skatta bensn, hvet g flk til a losa sig vi essa stru bensnhka og f sr sparneytnari bla. Ef menn hafa ekki efni bensninu, ekki keyra eyslufrekum blum.

Sndarmennskan me jeppadelluna og allt hitt er tm della og flk kemst vel af minni blum.

Til dmis eru til hybrid blar sem eya 1/3 af eyslu venjulegs bls. Komb bensnvl og rafmagnsvl, ekki nokkra sem eiga svona og eir eru skjunum. a vri nr a tala um a FELLA NIUR TOLLA OG GJLD AF EIM BLUM.

Ef tt hybrid bl seturu jafn miki bensn tankinn, en kemst 2-3 sinnum lengra tanknum. 4L/100km er ekki slmt.
Svo er ekki verra a nota mismuninn sem flk sparar og kaupa g n reihjl fyrir alla fjlskyldumelimi. lka minnkar rassinn.

Mivikudagur, 12. Aprl, 2006
"I will tell the world why Casey has no marker yet. In the first place, does anyone who is attacking me know how Casey was brought home from Iraq? We picked him up in the United loading dock in a cardboard box and he was off-loaded into a hearse without one honor guard. We had to wait for about a half hour on a curb near the United freight area for his one escort, who rode from Dover Air Force Base in a seat, while Casey was treated as an over-sized piece of luggage. Has anybody held her other sobbing children who are sitting on a curb in San Francisco, waiting for the remains of their big brother to be carried over to the dock by a forklift?"

Hr er svo einn stjrnuruglaur asshole "Allan Ashinoff" a skrifa mti henni:  Augljslega vel greiddur hgri fgamanna penni, verri en David Brock essi Allan er einn af essum ltra rugluu hgri fasistum Bandarkjanna sem hatar tlendinga, vinstri menn og flk almennt  lrislega sinna.
"The will of the American people..." minnir mann gilega kall me yfirvaraskegg sem uppi fyrir rmum 60 rum.

Fimmtudagur, 6. Aprl, 2006
Fr morgun verslun hr rtt hj; Century 21. olandi essir eigendur sem byggja strverslanir sem erfitt er a finna tgnguleiir. Ekki eirra a kvea a knnar urfi a ruglast rminu vi a komast t eftir a versla, eiginlega er etta upprengjandi verslanatrix dnaskapur og alveg potttt vandaml vi rmingu verslunarinnar ef eldur kemur upp.
Hins vegar eru byggjendur strbygginga lka olandi egar eir thluta ekki verslunarrmi gtuh. etta vi borg, a gangstttin vi gtuna arf jnustu a halda vi gangsttt, .e. verslunarrmi. Jane Jacobs rir etta gtlega sinni frgu bk, en a er eins og engin fatti hva etta er mikilvgt prinsipp. WTC7 hi nja er dmi um byggingu ar sem engin verslun er jarh, ess sta eru nestu hir hhsisins gerar eins og eitthva virki og fyrstu gluggar uppi eitthva 10. h. Algerlega borgar-skemmandi, gatan fyrir viki steindau.
Laugardagur, 1. Aprl, 2006
Enn er veri a tala um essa dellu a flytja innanlandsflugi til Keflavkur. Smu menn kvarta yfir hva s hagkvmt a keyra til Keflavkur fyrir flk utan af landi, sem er a fara til tlanda. En auvita er a ekki nema rltil prsenta af faregum innanlandsflugi og v nrri negligible rtak. ar fyrir utan vilja essir flugvallafrslusinnar a ALLIR keyri essa gindalei. vefsu flugflagsins s g a etta eru ferirnar dag til staa ti landi:
Akureyri 4-5
Egilsstair 4-7
safjrur 3-4
Vestmannaeyjar 5
Hornafjrur 2-5
Bldudalur 2
Saurkrkur 3-4
Gjgur 1
Grmsey 1
Vopnafjrur 1

Sem sagt allt a 35 brottfarir, og 35 lendingar dag, bara hj Flugflaginu. Ef hver vl er me 35 farega, (60% stanting) reiknast etta a yfir 2400 faregar fari hverjum degi um Reykjavkurflugvll. Mia vi fulla stantingu reiknast a a um 3500 faregar fari til og fr vellinum.   

Auvita ef vi um etta yfir slensku, ir etta a 3500 manns urfa a keyra fram og til baka alla lei til Keflavkur, hver faregi ferast 80 mntur AUKAlega vi flugi. Haldii a s n della. jeez 3500 x 40 mntur=2300 klst aukalega feratma hverjum degi. Talandi um hagringu.

Annars er svoldi fyndi a heyra a landsbyggarflk "geti loksins flogi beint t Kefl til a komast til tlanda; SEM BENDIR A A ER MIKI ML A KEYRA TIL KEF FR REK DAG.

Sm aukalinkur: Fokker Friendship

Sunnudagur, 26. Mars, 2006
Elas Davsson. What the fuck?
Einhver Elas Davsson er me samsriskenningar um sprengjur WTC. Hann um a. En llu verra er a hann er a nota mig sem vitni um essar mynduu "sprengjur." Maurinn segist f etta af Mogganum:

"Icelandic architect believes an explosion took place."
"An Icelandic architect who lives in New York, Olafur Thordarson, was interviewed by the Icelandic daily Morgunbladid on September 12, 2001.  He claimed to have observed that large aluminum plates (panels) were detached off the facade of the World Trade Center when the first aircraft hit the building.  He said:
"I hardly believed my eyes.  I immediately thought that an explosion had taken place because I know that it requires a lot of energy to detach the plates (panels) from the building." He added that these plates (panels) are as high as one floor and about 80 cm. long each. "I believe that 30-60 of these plates (panels) fell off the building."

Voa eitthva "...believes that an explosion took place."
ea "thought that an explosion took place." a a vera a bendla mig persnulega vi einhverjar stjpid kenningar um Dem-sprengjur World Trade Center er vgast sagt merkilegt. Aldrei dytti mr hug a halda fram a srstakar demsprengjur hefu granda WTC. 

Naumast hva fljgandi-furuhluta trarhparnir eru lfsseigir. Orrtt var frttin Mbl. svona, reyndar vitali a mestu teki teki ur en seinni vlin skall turninum nr okkur:

LAFUR rarson arkitekt, sem br horni Wall Street og Broadway New York, st vi glugga bar sinnar egar fyrri vlin hafnai rum turni World Trade Center. Hann segir a grarleg sprenging hafi ori og strar lpltur hafi kastast allar ttir. lafur sagi sprenginguna miki fall og a hann hefi miklar hyggjur af v flki sem vri inniloka turnum byggingarinnar.
lafur segir a turnarnir su beint fyrir framan glugga barinnar og a hann hafi urft a loka gluggunum vegna mikillar reykjarlyktar. "g og kona mn, Donna, stum fyrir framan gluggann egar fyrri vlin hafnai byggingunni. Vi litum strax t um glugga og sum miki brak sem eyttist fr byggingunni. Strir lpanilar hrundu af byggingunni og flugu t um allt. Vi trum vart okkur eigin augum. g taldi strax a a hlyti a hafa ori sprenging v g veit a a arf mikinn kraft til ess a sprengja panilana fr byggingunni," segir lafur og bendir a plturnar su jafnhar og ein h og um 80 sentimetrar lengd [sic] hver um sig. "a hafa sennilega falli 30-60 panilar af byggingunni." Hann segir a kona sn hafi s seinni sprenginguna og a trlegt eldhaf hafi blossa upp. "a eru sennilega um 10-20 sund manns hvorum turni og g giska a a su nokkur sund manns hvorum turni fyrir ofan ar sem vlarnar lentu."

Fyrir utan a ein h er n varla 80 cm [sic] er augljst a umrdd sprenging var af flugvlinni sjlfri. arfi a gera r v eitthva sem a er ekki. Sa Davs er a sumu leyti hugaver, utan etta me a strauja vitnisburi r samhengi. Me v gerist hann handbendi Bush klkunnar. v taka arir ekki alvarlega raunhfa gagnrni 911 egar ekki er rtt me hlutina fari.

Hr m svo sj eitthva af essu bulli, sem hljmar fyrstu sannfrandi en stenst ekki nnari skoun.

g held a essi Elas Davsson komi einn dag til a reka upp sama svip og Andy Kaufmann egar s sarnefndi fr a lta lkna sig SA-Asu hj skottulkni.

Fimmtudagur, 23. Mars, 2006
Sklagjld hsklum.
Hef oft rtt um etta ur. Svo virist sem brskurunum hafi tekist a sannfra slendinga almennt um gti sklagjalda. etta er slmt ml. ar e g hef 20+ ra reynslu af essu hr USA er g alfari mti sklagjldum hsklum, nema einhverjum spes tilfellum. Mr er sltt sama um viskiptahsklana. Verra er me nm sem ekki eru me einblni peninga. Mellur t.a.m. na mun betur en arkitektar. Rakst essa gtu grein* sem fjallar um hva skeur egar sklagjld klyfja ungt flk, sem erfitt me a n endum saman, eignast sur brn (sem eru vsun meiri sklagjld) og er fjrhagsklandri vegna skuldabyra r sklakerfinu. Mli me a lesir essa grein alveg til enda. Svo er gtt a taka eftir v a oft eru eir sem eru bnir me SITT nm sem eru a agitera fyrir sklagjldum. Reglan er essi:
Sklagjldin byrja smtt en margfaldast innan vi nokkra ratugi. Ofan btast svo essir vextir sem eru voa lgir fyrst en hkka svo lmskt.

   "Starting July 1 the interest on student loans taken out by students will rise to just less than 7 percent. Loans taken out by parents for students will shoot up to 8.5 percent. The theory the Republican Congress works on is that increases in fees and interest payments from the white-collar masses are not the same as tax increases, some of which might have to be paid by our protected class of billionaire kleptocrats from whom, we are told, all blessings, especially our jobs, flow.
Whenever the subject of the high and ever mounting cost of tuitions and the student loans needed to pay for them comes up, the focus falls on individual financial hardship. We're invited to pity or empathize with Margo Alpert, and she certainly deserves it, but our attention is not drawn to the consequences of these arrangements. Nor is the discussion ever couched in terms of the social control implicit in high tuition and high student-loan interest rates.
The most important consequence of the financial hole the Margo Alperts are in, thanks to their education, is that many of them are going to be childless. Many others will have one child at most. How can a young couple, each with $40,000 or $50,000 of debt, think of having three or four kids? They will have to wait until they are in their late 30s to have a family and by then, when they think of college costs, they will feel compelled to limit themselves to one child..."

Frttir dagsins
vef BBC er strfrtt nmer eitt: rr vestrnir gslar frelsair r nau mannrningja.
Frtt nmer tv er a 30 manns hafi veri drepnir sprengingu Baghdad.
Er lgkk essu? 3 fora r hndum mannrningja en 30 myrtir? Er a etta sem Bush vill, hafa herslu "jkvu" hliarnar fyrir okkur, ea er etta bara rasismi? Er ekki aal frttin a 30 manns hafi veri myrtir? a teldist aldeilis strfrtt fyrir 10 rum, ea erum vi a vera nm fyrir borgarastrinu rak?
rijudagur, 21. Mars, 2006
Velgengni er, a urfa ekki a einblna idjta-metna sem snst kringum eigi eg og fjrhagslega falsmynd, svona eins og essum asnalegu (og stolnu) auglsingum fr Glitni. Man ekki hvaa fyrirtki a var, en samskonar auglsing; "Success is [...]" var fullu hr vestanhafs sustu rum. essar bjnalegu auglsingar hj Glitni eru v ekki bara a naga undan siferilegum gildum jflagsins, heldur er hugmyndinni a auglsingunum lka stoli. J, slandi er stjrna af svona.

Krnan styrktist ltillega dag!

Svo hljar sasta frtt V! Frbrt! Krnan, egar lesi er betur styrktist um 0,01%. Eru menn kexruglair?? Er etta frtt? Nll komma nll eitt prsent?? Menn eru lngu httir a stga viti san hersla jflagsins frist fr samflags- og siferislegum gildum yfir brask og slumennskutrllaskap.

RISD 5 besti hskli BNA
S nlegri knnun gerri hj Design Intelligence Washington, D.C. a inhnnunardeildin sem g hef veri a kenna er 5. besti hnnunarskli Bandarkjunum (Industrial Design). Og a a g hafi ekki veri vistaddur 2 r vegna barneigna ;-)
Mnudagur, 20. Mars, 2006
sland uber alles.
slendingar eru gfumenni mikil. Framar flestum llu. Ekki satt? Eru a taka yfir heiminn me heilabinu einu a vopni. essi vrublstjri keyri undir brna yfir Kpavogsgj, fullu me pallinn uppi. Athugi, UPPI. Vrubllinn festist. Og hkk eins og lausu lofti.  (Mbl. dag)

Minnir mig atvik " tlndum":
Fstudagur 17. Mars, 2006
Skoai hi frbra Nationalmuseet dag. Fr m.a. a pinu eftir Munch. Byrjai a horfa a eftir a fyrst vera truflaur af glerinu skothelda. Tempera brnann pappr. essi rissa er ekki eins flug og varfrnisleg lsingin Madonnu. Flt mynd og eiginlega meira layout fyrirmynd. Svo kom 3ja manna hpur talandi htt "Nei, se, der er et massift glass pa..." og hvarf hugur minn r heimi myndarinnar.

kvld opnai Kunstindustrimuseet Scandinavian Design Beyond The Myth sninguna me miklum mannfjlda. etta ltur gtlega t, verkin mn misvis aalsalnum.

Mivikudagur, 15. Mars, 2006
Lenti Osl um hdegi. Hr mibnum er fullt af hermnnum. eir eru t um allt grnum felulitabningum grum bakgrunni borgarinnar. Flestir eirra eru a betla pening me .t.g. baukum. Illa sofinn en hressari eftir hdegisver og cappuccino Angus Steak House/Scotsman Karl Johans Gate. Blvu blla en a dugi ntt orkulevel.
Laugardagur 4. Mars, 2006
Skipt rmum
Skipti um rmunum kvld. Ekki frsgur frandi. voi allt og setti svo aftur rmin. Svo stkk hundurinn upp hjnarmi og meig sngina. Af hverju gera einu sinni a sem maur getur gert tvisvar. essir elsku hundar (n skil g af hverju til eru hundaslfringar).
Laugardagur 4. Mars, 2006
Amma 106 ra dag
Elsku Margrt vna amma hefi ori 106 ra dag. N eru um 12 r san hn d, en hn var alveg yndisleg kona, alltaf gu skapi og jkv og hl dtt. a er n aallega hlturinn hennar sem g man best eftir. Hr er hn samt litlu stu frnkunum mnum, rhildi og Jhnnu Maru, a baka kkur eldhsinu hj mmmu ca 1980.











Fstudagur, 3. Mars. 2006
Maurinn er toppurinn pramdanum.
Vi erum eins og ormar. Frumupoki sem tekur inn nringu a framan og skilur rganginn vi sig a aftan. Svona er etta. Og eins og ormarnir, frum vi okkur til og stefnum matarhrguna ar sem hn er girnilegust. En flest okkar viljum vi ekkert ra a a sem kemur t a aftan a s eins mikilvgt og a sem fer inn a framan.  Svo egar flk er a tala um hva eitthva var ofsalega gott, kemur sjaldan ll sagan. Allt ferli. Ehemm. Anyway, nice weather.
Mivikudagur, 1. Mars, 2006
Cappucino vl.
Fkk essa auglsingu einhverjum bkling. V, stlhrein cappucino vl!

Dj, svo er etta vst bara tlva. Hva er nst? Tlva dulbin sem hrrivl?
Fimmtudagur, 23. Febrar, 2006.
hefur feralagi breyst. Fer opnunina Kaupmannahfn til a drekka rauvn. ar vera nokkur verk mn rhsinu, ar me tali Myrkraspili (t.h.) liggur leiin til slands a skoa virkjanir fyrir austan og drekka meira rauvn. Svo endar trippi opnuninni Osl. Vonandi eru Nossarar ekki bindindismenn, g er n me vnrekka ofl. eirri sningu. etta verur gtt og gagnlegt.

Myrkraspil hins Gullna Musteris


Mnudagur, 13. Febrar, 2006
Hjlp, snjkoma!
V, 26,9 tommu snjfall. Heimsmet New York borg, voa frttir, miki ml, virist miklu merkilegra en snarhkkandi leiga, sklagjld og ftkt New York borg. V, 26,9 tommur, New York Times trompettarnir blsu t mikla frtt.
Vi vorum ekki bnum en keyru inn um kvldi, miki bara brna, samt sm snjr. 20 cm. Hef s a verra. a ga vi allt frttahpi er a a snjai um helgi og .a.l. engin truflun vinnudegi. Svo er etta allt a brna hvort e er, samt, gamla a mafan mokar illa. En a er allt lagi. Af hverju er ekki teki me reikninginn hva snjrinn endist lengi? Ef hann er a mestu brnaur hva, 3 dgum, hvaa mli skipta tommurnar? Svo var veturinn 1949 fannfergi upp 26,4 tommur, svo ekki var met slegi a merkilega, rtt ni 1,5% yfir fyrra meti. Veri, klassskt umruefni.


Er ekki bara vieigandi a smella inn gamalli mynd sem g tk 2003 upper West Side. Annar snjstormur, gamalt veur, meiri snjr sem entist vikur:.


Fstudagur, 10 febrar, 2006
Nin framt.
Jja er a komi hreint. Fer til Kben og Osl sningaopnanir eftir mnu. Sning me listamnnum r  Atlantshafi, .m.t. yours truly, og svo hnnunarsningin stra sem opnar hnnunarsafninu Osl, .m.t. verk yours truly.
rijudagur, 7. Febrar, 2006
Another rijudagur
Eitthva hefur dotti r blogginu t hj mr.
Jja, allavega var etta gtur dagur hj mr. Eyddi honum llum me Lilju minni. Frum t seinnipartinn a venju, hn kerrunni, g a hlaupa me hana mna 7 km og geri 60 sit ups og 30 push ups. Kannski tmi til kominn a lra fleiri fingar til a brjta upp hlaupi. etta er grarlega gott og mikil vellan sem fylgir hlaupunum sem n hafa stai samfellt rmt r, upp mefram Hudson nni.
Svo eftir frum vi labbitr um hverfi. Hn fyrst, g humtt eftir.
Mnudagur, 6. Febrar, 2006
Danskar teiknimyndir.
S teiknimyndirnar Dnsku sem birtust Jyllandspstinum. Fyndnust fannst mr essi me Mhamme sem sagi vi sjlfsmorssprengjukallana: Sorry we ran out of virgins.
Auvita er samsrislykt af essu mli, langt san myndirnar birtust og mtmlin skipulg og eim stjrna bakvi tjldin. a held g allavega.

See ya
Mivikudagur, 1. Febrar, 2006
Nkomin fr London
Febrar. Miki fjandi lur tminn hratt. Allavega lentum vi Donna og Lilja grkvldi r fer til London. Fengum gefna mia me eos flugflaginu. r vlar eru eins og Flugleiir hafa nema stainn fyrir tvhundru og eitthva farega eru bara 48 faregar. Og rm til a sofa . RM. Takk fyrir. Mjg ns og matseill, inniskr og g jnusta. lkt sldartunnunum fr Keflavk.

London var flott. rddum beisikkl kaffistai og rfuum um alla borg. Kom einu sinni vi Starbucks og tkst a stfla klsetti ar. vnt upptki. Hef fleiri klsettsgur en lt vera a ra r. Lilja komst a feitt dragarinum og klappai geitum og km. Svaka stu allt saman. Drt mean dollarinn er svona lgur eins og hann hefur veri.
rijudagur, 3. Janar, 2006
Gleilegt r.
Hldum sm part hr gamlrskvld. Erfitt a f kana a djsa gamlrskveldi. Flestir slendingar heimavi rakettustui.

Who in their right mind wants to go to Times Square into a crowd of million(s) of people to watch a bunch of light bulbs dangle in some flag pole? I mean, what is the matter with people? Are dangling light bulbs supposed to be fun?
Go to Iceland for  New Years! Don't watch those light bulbs.

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